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Oh my god.

I'm speechless. My heart goes out to his wife, family, and of course the entire GB crew.

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Thrift/pawn shops, flea markets, trade centers, and garage/yard/rummage/estate/block sales are definitely all your friends if you're a retro gamer whatsoever.

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I own Infection. Still haven't finished it yet, but I did really enjoy what I've played. I just sort of fell off. Damn.

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The Vita will probably give you more bang for your buck, honestly.

The new Monolith Soft game coming to Wii U next year sure is mighty tempting however.

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Gamecube. Easily.

- The console had a fantastic library that still hasn't gotten the credit it deserves.The risks Nintendo took with their brand recognition during the GCN era are countless. Such as: Launching with Luigi's Mansion AND ETERNAL DARKNESS: SANITY'S REQUIEM (both published by Nintendo), Cel-shading in Windwaker, Super Mario Sunshine's water pack mechanics, Mario Kart: Double Dash with 2 characters in each kart for extra strategy, Allowing Fox McCloud to star in 2 games where he walks on foot, Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat - bongo-controlled 2-d platforming at its finest, Turning Metroid into a western-developed FPS, Handing F-Zero over to SEGA to develop, Publishing another FPS - Geist ,Trying to lock down very mature titles like RE4 or Killer7 as Gamecube exclusives, Actually locking down Resident Evil exclusives like the RE remake, and RE: Zero; etc.

It's a real shame that most of these decisions didn't seem to pan out well for them in the long run.

- The cube design was very stylish, especially in purple, and the thing was damn-near indestructible.
- Well-ventilated, big fan ports which run very quietly. It even has little notches on the side to prevent anything from getting too close; blocking circulation. Clever.
- 4 controller ports.
- My favorite controller comfort-wise.
- It has a handle!
- GB Player
- Component output
- I really appreciate the toy-like look (especially the Indigo model) which seems to bother some.
- DK Bongos.
- Pelican Retro-pad
- Love the tiny discs.
- Always have preferred the way the GCN handled most 6th gen multi-platform games compared to the PS2 or XBOX.
- Huge memory cards available cheap, especially now.

My only minor complaint is the controller cord length. But even that can be solved with either a Wavebird or extensions.

I'm also a huge proponent of the SNES, Genesis, Dreamcast, PS2, PS3, Wii, GBA SP, 3DS XL, and PSP 3000 (with custom firmware, of course.)

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Vice City was my favorite, with San Andreas being a close second. I never played GTA IV, and am not all too excited about GTA V.

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I do own a lot of old console games (over 600) but there's a difference between collecting and hoarding. The majority of my stuff is alphabetically sorted on shelves, or in drawers/storage bins. I could never surround myself in an electronic sty like that. Yuck.

That man needs to have a garage sale.

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Two words: local multiplayer.

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It's Diet Coke, but he actually prefers Diet Pepsi. As a fellow diet cola lover, I asked him on tumblr once.

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It's hard to feel nostalgic when you never stop playing. ;-)