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How is no-one mentioning Hohokum!? I've been listening to that at work for the past couple of months. It's up there with Superbrothers as one of the all-time great soundtracks.

I do agree that Transistor is a great soundtrack as well.

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It's very simple : Donatello = Cyclops. Raphael = Wolverine. Therefore Raphael.

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Spacehunter : Adventure in the Forbidden Zone

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Copthorne, West Sussex, UK

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Personally I enjoyed Tomb Raider until I had to kill waves of enemies. When I had to pick off 5 or so carefully then I could buy the world they had created. She was young and scared but had been trained to handle weapons and look after herself. As soon as they changed it to "fight x waves of enemies in makehift arenas" then it totally lost me. It became far too Uncharted-clone for it's own good.

So from my point of view I can totally see why they didn't include it in their GOTY but I know the game has it's supporters.

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For me it has to be Plants vs Zombies 2. It is great right up to the point you hit the end of the world and realise you are being stiffed for money to be allowed to carry on.

There were console games that weren't as great as I had hoped - Bioshock Infinite in particular - but nothing that really bummed me out.

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I was going to start a thread asking what the Giantbomb GOTY 2013 will be as this is the first year when I genuinely have no idea. For the last few years it's always been between 2 clear games but this year there doesn't appear to have been a particular standout. I think GTAV or Bioshock Infinite might be the front-runners but Super 3D World could be there, possibly Last of Us if they all play it. There is even an outside chance Gone Home could win it (my personal choice so far).

It will be interesting to hear.

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That's a horrible one. These are two of the best games this generation.

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@naru_joe93: Adam Sessler raved about the story in his review. It's about the only thing that's made me consider buying it.

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This is a fantastic compilation with some stuff on it I hadn't heard before. The breast milk segment had me laughing out loud on the train into work.

Thank you so much for putting this together. It's a brilliant tribute.