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I have to agree about the tutorials, I don't think some things are covered at all, at least I've not seen them in the career mode or challenge mode.

The EA site however has all the moves on there, I found it really helpful for improving my game, I recommend checking it out. Tutorials

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@sharkethic: I've played like 10 hours of it and not encountered a single problem. There's always glitches in games, so I'm not surprised to hear that this game has one.

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Still got one left.

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@cornbredx: that makes sense. If you'd like it please pm instead.

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I've got 2 extra copies if anyone would like one. PM me your email address and I'll pick 2 people at random.

I'll post a comment when I've given them both away.

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@bremaine: It can be a difficult sell, but if you liked those THQ games you should be good to go though. I do recommend downloading the demo first to get a feel for it, it does have more of a fight night style to it which may put some people off, but once you get into it the combat flows like water, unless you have a bad internet connection, or come across someone else with one.

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I feel like this needs to be said, in fact it was Jeff's tweet that made me want to write this in the first place. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but since Jeff can send out a massive negative wave with a simple tweet, I feel like a nobody like me should at least try to defend the game on the forums.

It's been said a bunch already, but this is not a game for casual gamers to pick up and button mash, you'll be taken down pretty quickly or you might get lucky and survive, but your luck will run out, and that goes for almost every competitive game out there.

The online championship is where you'll get the most out of the game, but be prepared to learn from your mistakes and improve your weakness's. It's extremely satisfying when you you can go toe to toe with good players and come out on top.

If you don't all learn the moves you're going to have a bad time. I know this because I've had a bad time with the old ones, and a little with this one too. However this game does a good job of showing you the errors of your ways with the challenge mode, which lets you practice in each area of combat and ranks you with a coloured belt, which ultimately means nothing other than knowing you are fully prepared to handle yourself in the octagon.

All this rambling aside, I really do think this is the best UFC game out, and I can't emphasize enough, if you like the old THQ games give this a shot, it's still a UFC game just with a topping of Fight night added to the mix.

If you learn the moves, pay attention to the fighters cliched quotes, and be the best, you're going to have a good time, even if you lose.

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That's heavy.

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In through the eyes, out through the mouth.