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Hello ! I would like to start of by bringing up on why I started this forum, the reason is because I personally love BF3 and so I spend allot of time on YouTube watching BF3 video's. Ranging from Montages to Funny videos and Game guides. Now I believe there is allot more and better ways you can make video's for BF3, like well directed movies because there is so much atmosphere of WAR !!

The Bottom line of this forum is to post specific YouTube video's you like only based on BF3 and give your opinion on why you liked the video.

I have a YouTube Channel which I happen to make gaming video's....... I have a battlefield 3 The video's that is based on two operations (The British Army) and (The American Army) it's dedicated to those who fought and are still fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. I am leaving to join the army this December having already been in a military college. I have many British and American army friends that helped make this video and play on our military sever. Feel to add my Gamer Tag: Nitro Luke DX and to check out my YouTube Channel Here is the video check it out !!!

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Ofc res 6 will be different because it's made by capcom and capcom only so yeah

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Ok I cant stress how stupid it is. All I want to do is CHOP, CUT , CHOP, CUT, TEGBAG......... whatever. There needs to be blood spilling out of my TV screen BUT NO ! Dismemberment is key to a game like this period !!!

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I understand that hundreds of people hate this game for so many reasons, even quessing that 80% of people who buy this game will end up taking it back, but why can't we take this game for what it really is...... for exmaple. Its based on Multiplayer so if you don't have Online you might as well have "GAME OVER" written on your tv screen through the whole single player game. The Online is unique and quite competitive of course you have co-op which is ok, mainly only at certain parts, but really it's not that bad. That's if your playing with your FRIENDS,

I am a massive Resident Evil fan. People who loved the old play style of the resident evil games should all ready know Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City is a fast paced action game by just looking at the front cover !!! To those fans move on, because Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City isnt that bad at all, One thing left is I know what should be different is the price, this is not worth a full priced game other than that take it for what is it. Please give your opinion. SO ! is there a chance for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, You decide write a comment on what you think ;) Follow me and check my Youtube for Review's and much more

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This is a on going Debate, and I want to know who's the better HERO !!!!

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Guys what are we looking forward to more LOAD'S of guns or some HARDCORE Dismemberment

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Yea fair Totally agree with your comment the video link is a video gameplay that I did mind giving your opinion on my youtube video aswell.

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What did you guys think of the demo ???

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Hello PEOPLE! I would like to start off by saying that thanks for joining in this Topic, I want to know what people enjoyed about GTA 4 YouTube Gaming videos on YouTube because I make Gaming Clips/Videos on YouTube and I feel people don't give enough feedback on what they truly think. So everyone "Here" post a video link, channel link on a video that you want feedback on for example………. My channel is

My Video that I want Feedback and why !!…………..

Because I thought some of you guys might want to check out a GTA 4 video that I released on YouTube. It basically is Ballad of gay Tony but on the originally

GTA 4 but a trailer in some sort please check it out and write what you think because I need feedback thanks.

Lets gets these videos we think should be heard of !!!!!!