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Cow's eye in high-school. Didn't really got a lot out of it.

And yeah, I'm in medschool so I guess you know what that means. Let's just say that two straight weeks of dissecting the same "subject" in the middle of February in Sweden, when you don't ever see the sun if you spend the day in an autopsy room, gives you a whole new outlook on life.

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I've been playing BF4 pretty regularly since launch and I thought I'd update some of you on what's been done on PC since then.

Played for a good 4 hours straight just now on 64 player conquest and had no freezes or crashes at all. Looks like DICE might have finally managed to patch the game to a fully playable state. DICE hasn't really been all that forthcoming on when or what they patched since they have been working fervently in the background with a lot of server-side patches, but I'm pretty sure they must have dropped a patch today since I had to update Battlelog and graphics were set to default high rather than custom once I launched.

So if you bought BF4 for PC and got turned off by the massive instability, chances are it might actually work now.

This is a very welcome change, just yesterday the game still crashed and freezed a few times. Even Shanghai appears to be stable now - no mass-drops from what I could see, including during the levolution event. It also felt like the netcode might have been tightened a fair bit - granted, I was playing on a 10 ms ping server but I noticed no jankiness at all. That's more subjective, of course.

On a side note, they appear to have done some balancing as well. Stealth jets are MUCH better now. They are crazy agile and can quite literally run circles around the attack jets. Well, the T-50 and J-20 at least. The F35 might still be a bit sluggish, didn't try it out. I'm also pretty sure they buffed the guns on them too - it's actually possible to take down an attack jet with one well aimed full burst from what I could tell.

The stability has been increasing incrementally with the server-side patches for some time now and with a bit of luck we might actually be back to BF3-level stability by now. Then again I might just have gotten lucky, so chime in if it hasn't been the same for you guys.

EDIT: OK, took a closer look at those jets - for some reason it's mainly the T-50 that's gotten crazy agile. The J-20 might have gotten a small agility buff. F35 still controls like a flying garbage truck. Not sure what's up with that. This is pretty much the way it has been for some time though.

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Nothing to speak of in Gothenburg yet. Some rain, but that's hardly out of the ordinary. Last I heard the front got postponed from 1500 to 2000 local time. Guess we'll see in a few hours. From the sound of it the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute is still considering winds of 30-40 m/s a possibility but I seriously doubt that.

Oh, they also named it "Simone".

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I heard it was going to be the worst since 1987. We've been getting some class 2 storm warnings in Gothenburg, Sweden when it hits us tomorrow as well, but nothing like what you guys are staring down. Guess you'll taking this one for the team, so thanks! :)

Stay safe you lot!

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It was mentioned in another thread: this game is broken on some systems. Extremely low FPS is one part of it but some graphics options not turning on even when they are on are another part. Some people also get graphical glitches.

CA has promised to patch it over the coming weeks with the first patch hitting on Friday. Hopefully that will sort it out for most people. I'm running it on an i5 3570K with a 7950-Boost and still can't get even a stable 30 FPS on the very lowest settings with everything turned off.

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@sackmanjones said:

@ravelle: Im having this issue too. I feel like the game doesnt look good yet it runs at about 15 fps. Ive got a quad core, 8gb of ram and a 7950 with 3 gb of memory. I should be able to run it at its highest rather well but I simply cant.

I have more or less the exact same specs and the exact same issues: 15 FPS even at the lowest settings, glicthes galore like the army of the dead in the picture up there and god knows what else. I never bothered to find out. I'm not going to ruin my experience with the game by playing it like this, I'm waiting for the patch.

The issues appear to be extremely common so I have complete faith in CA fixing this soon. Hopefully as early as Friday when the first patch hits, or in a driver update.

As for those not having these problems: that's the thing. It's absurdly random. The game is outright broken on some machines and works fine on others with no relation to system specs. Count yourselves among the lucky ones and weep for the rest of us.

EDIT: Here's a few comparison pictures to what @buckybit posted:



This is at 1080p, Extreme preset. It's taken from as close to the same angle as I could get.

See the difference? The lighting is all broken even from up here, as are some of the textures, like the house in the upper right.

This is what we get when we move up close:

Again, this is the Extreme preset. The textures are so low res that I think Rome I had more detail. And it's not just that: look at the legs of the guys, especially the leg of the guy to the right of the the guy in wolf mask. There's also something decidedly off with the the overall impression, things just don't seem to fit right for some reason. It's more in-your-face full screen.

Here's the same picture at 1080p, Low preset:

It's barely any worse! Sure the textures are even lower res, and the grass is gone, but the lighting is still equally broken. And hey, the leg-glitches are gone.

But more importantly, care to guess what FPS I get? In the low 40s.

I looked around a bit and found a place where my FPS actually dropped below 30:

Am I seriously supposed to believe that my i5 3570K, overclocked 7950-Boost with 3GB VRAM and 8 GB system ram is incapable of rendering this at anything lower than several hundred FPS!? It makes no sense.

It's just insanely broken right now. Friday can't come soon enough.

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@brodehouse said:

And lastly, yeah, I admitted it is pedantry buuuuut... I constantly see people misunderstand what are rights and what are privileges, or what are civic rights and what are human rights, misunderstanding morals for ethics for laws for principles. And this is why you see people confused about the nature of their own rights, you see them demanding that they have rights they don't have ("your free speech ends where my feelings begin") or surrendering rights they do have ("a police officer ordered me to hand over the closed wine bottle in my backseat"). So I waste my time and reputation with... well, pedantry. It's important to know the difference between policy making and law making, criminal law and constitutional law, human rights and civil rights. Hopefully someone is picking this stuff up.

Sorry if this comes off as sniping or something, but healthcare is indeed considered a human right. Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

  • (1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control

Healthcare is a human right just as much as it is a human right not the be a slave or to suffer torture. In regards to the US and similar privatized healthcare systems, they are not in breach of the article since it has been determined that the interpretation has a lot of leeway: it is perfectly acceptable for a nation to choose a private system as long as everyone is given equal opportunity to participate, meaning that those with less means can be excluded or be given inferior care if the nation has determined that the system still gives the best care to the population as a whole. It's mostly there to prevent nations depriving certain groups, such as particular races or political groups, healthcare. But healthcare is very much a human right. This isn't really up for debate.

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I did notice one interesting effect on myself when playing the demo - taking pride in executing the rules as efficiently and accurately as possible, without giving too much thought to how just said rules are. This is a potential personality flaw with me that I'm aware of and something I monitor in real situations, but it was interesting to see it manifest so obviously.

That said, the game in its current state makes for a bad research tool. It's too obvious that it's a game and players will chase those high-scores, pixelated sob stories be damned.

One mechanic is interesting though: if you have not made any mistakes, the free mistakes can be used to let a person in that shouldn't be if you decide to sympathize with them, with no greater cost to the player. It could be interesting to see how many players do this and try to establish what they have in common, if anything.

There's also the possibility of modding the game into an actual research tool using the main mechanics that can be used to analyze the behavior of volunteers. If you make it real enough you could possibly see how people respond to rules, incentives and power over other people similar to the Stanford experiment. The best would be to convince the participants that they are actually picking up the slack for the ICE or another equivalent agency and see how they act. Of course, that would never get past the ethics boards these days, but it's an interesting idea.

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I don't know exactly, but it was back when they ran the Deadly Premonitions ER. I probably got it linked from somewhere else so... word of mouth I guess?

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  1. Civilization V: 149 hours
  2. Age of Empires III: Complete Edition: 105 hours
  3. The Secret World: 82 hours
  4. Wargame: Airland Battle: 72 hours
  5. Total War: Shogun 2 68 hours

Not surprised about it being so strategy heavy, but I really didn't expect TSW to be up there. Bought that one on a whim last Christmas after it went subscription free but I never felt that I played it that much. Guess I actually did.