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My condolences to Ryan's family, his extended Giantbomb family, but to most of all his wife.

Words cannot express how you must feel.

I just celebrated the birth of my daughter after which just 10 days later my father passed.

The roller coaster of emotion cannot be explained.

Ryan will live on though his work and those that loved him and followed him around the world.

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@extreme_popcorn: Yes, but with the great prices on steam we can't complain!! Console prices can't touch steam.

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I am glad that all seem hopeful for the future!! Just keep the site the way it is!! Independent, ad minimum, and keep the videos coming!! Good luck to all, you deserve greatness!!

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So, you make a system, the PSP, and have poor sales because you don't support it with good software. Now because of that, the people who supported your hardware get left out in the cold. Poor move Sony.

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Worst news ever!!! This as I finish up my HD remix of his other classics. I mean, I've only played Shadow about 20 times. Sigh, at least he will be finishing The Last Guardian.

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My day is now complete and I can rest!!!

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This game is the main reason I own a PS3...the development cycle has been long but I am sure that Ueda-san will not disappoint us. I had to buy ICO for $50 used and can't wait for the HD re-release of these amazing Team ICO games!!!

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I was so excited for both games and now my day was just saddened by this news!! Show some originality camcom and keep these original ideas alive.

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@captain_clayman: Gooder?? You have the nerve to crap on them and not even use proper english!! Please, the 360 had a 46% failure rate and no one has even cried this much about that. All they did was give you an extra warranty which doesn't cost them a cent. Sony is giving away free games and movies!! That costs much more then an extra warranty.  Just saying.  
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When it comes to the story for Killzone 3 all that matters to me is that I don't have to pick up for the horrible AI that controlled Rico. I am a Killzone "fanboy", there it is out of the way. I enjoyed the first one, and then really looked forward to Killzone 2. When I played the online beta for KZ2 I was hooked, the depth, the racking system that kept you coming back for more and on top of it all the skirmish mode that made sure that lengthy online play was never boring. I mean really, I didn't want to finish the story mode for one reason and one reason only, RICO!!! If i could have shot him in the face, left him for dead and finish the job myself I would have been a happy man. But alas, I could not, so if this alone is addressed in the story mode then it is a better game. Guerrilla Games has proved itself online and I am sure they will again in this game leaving it to be a must game for me. 
First DLC, have a full team of Rico's in the bot mode so we take pleasure in killing him!!   

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