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IP: Logi.firedragonsoftware.com

Welcome to LogiCraft!

LogiCraft is a nice server with friendly players and admins. You can start your own village or join one from others! Have wars, trade blocks and much more! We have a working Iconomy and loads of other plugins! Start your adventure now by joining one of the factions. to see witch factions there are, go in the server. if you find one that you would like to join, reply on this forum post, and we'll accept (or deny ) you as soon as possible!

See you soon! - The LogiCraft Team.

Also Sign up at www.firedragonsoftware.com! its our new website!


1.No Griefing

2.No item spawning (or asking admins to spawn)

3.No hacks of any kind! including X-Ray texturepacks!)

4.No Begging For Anything...

5.No Staring.. Its Creepy

6.Have Fun!

IP: Logi.firedragonsoftware.com