How to fix the VGAs

Last night's show was basically garbage. How to fix it:

1. More actual awards. You shoved 90% of them into a 90-second montage after the Hulkster.

2. Don't disrespect the people you're giving the awards to. That teabagging stuff was the most vile thing of the night. After you spend hours on nonsense, a dev goes on for more than a minute and you teabag them?

3. Stop trying to show how popular the show is. The twitter stuff was WWE-level bad. Who cares what's trending worldwide? Also, maybe don't bring a critic to the show and give him a mic if you don't know what he's going to say, and then don't obviously cut him off when he's about to say your show's bad. That whole segment was useless. Cut it.

4. How about some game related musical acts? There's enough great game music out there that you can have a couple of those acts and/or musical breaks that are actually RELATED TO WHAT YOU'RE GIVING AWARDS FOR. It still seems like you're going, "Okay, who can we get that is FAMOUS famous, not video game famous?" The Oscars and Emmys have actors presenting. The Grammys have musicians presenting. Why were like none of your game award presenters from the game industry?

5. Basically I guess the summary of the top 4 is, STOP BEING ASHAMED OF VIDEO GAMES. It's supposed to be a celebration of games, stop being ashamed of them and trying to validate everything you're doing by grabbing "real" celebrities from other entertainment.

6. Fewer trailers. All montages for game nominees should be based on gamesplay, not on CGI or pre-rendered trailers from the marketing department. Show a snippet of the gameplay that makes that game great instead of showing whatever marketing trailer you can dig up. For non-award stuff, if you're going to have EXCLUSIVE TRAILERS as a thing, try to limit them to once or twice an hour, and limit it to right before or after a commercial break, and limit it to NEW GAME ANNOUNCEMENTS ONLY.

8. A piece of praise - I do think the character of the year stuff was good. Nice little intros to each character, and an awesome acceptance speech from the Joker.

9. the Game of the Year stuff was alright, though I feel like you could tighten it up a bit. We don't need to waste time beforehand looking at CG holograms.

10. Instead of wasting time with ten silly segments, have one lower-key segment showcasing Child's Play and the good it does, then move on.