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Am I the only person who remembers GameTap?

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@nmarchan: ..what about those who were going to preorder it anyway?

Now you have to figure out whether you're going to pre-order from. What happens when Amazon, Gamestop, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Steam all have different pre-order bonuses?

This happens a lot, by the way.

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I hate everything about the pre-order DLC business model. There is literally zero upside for the consumer.

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nope, broken for me too.

gives the "monkeys have been dispatched" message when i'm typing in the box, and a 500 error if I press enter to search

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Thank god. No EA, I was getting worried.

EA getting Relic would have been better than SEGA, I know it's fun to shit on the big guys but at least they have the wallet to back large production costs. SEGA is going to ruin Company of Heroes.

I guess you haven't been paying attention to SEGA's PC output over the last few years.

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I liked LiquidSketch better when it was called Fluidity.

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editing an ini file and slapping on a d3d9 processing dll is not "modding" and it wasnt 23 minutes, he had the pirated version and clearly was using an illegal copy for atleast a day

I'm glad this comments section has made you look like a complete moron.

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Well hot damn, this is turning out to be something quite big.

That is fucking fantastic.

Also, TF2 has lore!? What!?


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Valve is up to it again, peppering their special brand of secretive information throughout TF2 and their website.

First, take a look at this video someone put together.

You guys remember the lore around the Halloween update?

Specifically, this censored last will and testament of Zephaniah Mann? It mentions Zephaniah's sons, Redmond and Blutarch. Yeah.

Now head on over to TeamFortress.com.

Those bloodstains on the left of the logo are new.

The top one brings you to the newly uncensored version of that two-year old document, revealing that there was a third son - Gray!

The second one brings you to a birth certificate of sorts, which you can see in the video above, noting that Redmond, Blutarch and Gray were triplets, and that Gray was abducted by someone or something simply known as Eagle!

What is going on?

Is there going to be a third, robotic team? Are there going to be giant class-shaped robots roaming the maps soon?

And why is Valve so awesome with this stuff?