My E3 Hype Part 1

 So E3 is long gone and while it wasn't all I hoped for it was very good imo, so here are my top 5 things I loved about E3 this year...... or top 5 games.

1. Mortal Kombat - This completely blew me away, made me want to play MK vs DCU, so I put it in and started playing and then I quickly realized why I stopped playing that shit, but yeah, MK is BACK!!!! I hope they bring back Friendships, I doubt they will though. :(

2. DJ Hero 2 - This looks so awesome, I cannot wait to fuck up my fingers on this in October.

3. Microsoft's Xbox Kinect - I thought this was interesting and I will keep an eye on this.

4. Bulletstorm - this looked incredible, it has dudebro, brosef & broham in a headlock while having a 3 way bromance with a coolstorybro, this is brotacular.

5. Metal Gear Solid Rising - I can't wait for this, MGS is the ONLY reason I bought a PS3, the ONLY reason, so that's saying something about me and MGS.

-- Why no Guitar Hero WoR or Gears 3? Because that's a given sirs and sirsettes, that needs no explanation, it's automatic hype for me.

-- Kinectimals looked pretty cool, I always wanted to rub my face against my tv, this but when I get static shock this time there is a loin cub on the other side rubbing his face against mine, so that's cool, usually when I rub my face on a screen there's some titties on the other side, but this fall it will be lion cubs...... and titties. :) Lion Cub Titties!!!!

-- Laterz(yep, I just said laterz pfft)
Part 2 will be more in depth with my thoughts on everything I liked.


Dear Diary...

Dear Diary, I am sitting here listening to Weekend Confirmed and watching American Dad episodes in my bed, I just finished eating chicken wings and macaroni n cheese shells. I am thinking about playing some more Guitar Hero something or other, I am not sure which one I want to play since I own them all but the first version and handheld versions. I might play some Band Hero but as I am typing this I am getting sleepy, I wonder why I am suddenly sleepy, am I that boring?
Anyway, I might just go to sleep and wake up to some Band Hero playing, but before I go jump into a pool of nightmares, I have to check on my stupid ass Petville pet, what a shitty addictive thing that is, ah well, i'm hooked for now, until I get irritated with it like I always do with these things.
Sack Rest Out!!