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I didn't dig SRIV myself, I thought it was really boring and samey, the minigames were boring, the story was ok, the gameplay was ok, my main problem was lack of verity and after playing the previous games and getting my open world itch scratched, SRIV felt like a complete retread of SR3 but with uninteresting aliens and boring super powers, it was my most disappointing game of 2013, I wanted to love this game but I did the complete opposite. I hope the reboot/SRV draws me back in, I mean I am automatically on board for it so far I just hope as it's announced and things are revealed I stay on board.

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Man, that moderator is REALLY handsome.

I call bullshit. *picks up phone and dials 28557448* It's ringing......... -_- *hangs up phone*

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I try not to consume any news tbh, but when I do happen across some it's on the internet.

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Los Angeles CA

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I don't like this thread but I will suggest Blue Dragon because I am about to go through it for my 5th time. So if you have an Xbox 360 then pick up Blue Dragon.

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Taking game reviews as gospel and letting them decide what I play and avoid, I am glad I dropped that after Gamefan hyped up a PS1 import game called Hermie Hopperhead, I bought Hermie from an import shop and it was one of the worst games I ever played, from then on I refused to listen to game magazine editors, so thank you Gamefan for waking me from my brainless slumber.

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TBFP, GameGrumps(I am not of fan of GG anymore as it's lost it's spirit somehow, I like JonTron and early Danny eps, I think I stopped watching around the time they expanded into all the other shows, the last play I watched was Silent Hill Shattered Memories.). I watch SplitPlaythru for walkthroughs and overall game watching.

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Everytime I see a "Master Race" meme pic I can't help but want someone to take the PC character and have him begging at the feet of the peasants for games, because PC gamers are the biggest port beggars now.


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I still have not listened to the bombcast that followed his passing and I don't think I ever will, even though I am curious I don't think I can do it.

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The only one I played to completion is Modern Warfare, I played MW 2, MW 3, Black Ops 1 & 2, WAW and COD 2. I am not a fan of multiplayer so I am speaking only about single player experience. I think my problem with COD 2 is that I hate the era it took place in and was pretty bored, so when it went modern I was all for it but after beating MW I feel like I got my fill of the series, oddly enough it didn't stop me from playing the other ones mentioned. So.... I guess MW even though I don't really remember anything about it. *shrugs* -_- Why did I even post?