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When gaming goes full digital then I am not going with it, I want my physical media. I also don't want to micro-manage hard drive space and with physical media I don't have to, I have enough micro-managing of hard drive space on PC. All digital future gaming can go to hell.

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What's a good reason for answering No to this question?

Not wanting to pay more money for a fully priced half made product. I don't buy DLC anymore because it's usually bad, so you think I want to pay for something else that won't add much to the game that I purchased?

$60.00 for a game

up to $20.00 for DLC or $50.00 for a season pass

plus money for mods?

Nope. Frankly I am shocked this is even a question a gamer would ask nowadays with all the bullshit going on in the industry.

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I think it's stupid but we'll see soon won't we? I play COD/FPS games Single Player only, lots of people probably do, if the next COD was just multi I would be curious of how much the sales would drop.

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I was hoping for a Cops type game. Is this a Cops type game? Hell I would even take a Reno 911 game at this point.

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Fuck... I listening to Weekend Confirmed on & off after 1up Yours went down, but it never grabbed me.

Something about seeing Garnett have to say good bye to another podcast though hurts me deep. If this is the beginning of the end for Shack News, I really hope Garnett lands on his feet...

...Giant Bomb should hire Garnett

Seriously, I mean I am usually against that stuff under the spoiler but I would seriously be down as all of my favorite pro game personalities would be under one roof, would be awesome imo. I think Garnett Lee is awesome.

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If you put the work into it and get good at all the weapons and combos then it's extremely rewarding combat as you will feel godlike, but if you're on medium tier and only know a few things here or there you will feel special but if you're a beginner and have no plans on learning the ropes of the game then you will feel like shit as you will be spamming random buttons and probably dying a lot, so it has amazing combat but only if you make it amazing. I made it amazing. *whips imaginary hair back* Just enjoy yourself and ignore the end level ratings until you get better, even though it's kinda hard to do.

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12 hours Final Fantasy XIII

10 Hours Dragon's Crown