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Stop drinking, that's my answer. My real answer is stop hanging out with those people.

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I feel like they made it worse, why have a female only section and not a male only section? I am curious, are women the only ones allowed to have their own space? I feel like if they were gonna cave to the pressure then they should have just had it as one big thing, now it looks like women get special treatment. *shrugs* Ah well, everyone is happy I guess.

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I don't wear glasses, I will raise this solo cup with a quarter of Grape Sunkist left in it, now the cup is empty.

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No but if you make this a screensaver I will consider it.

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I say let em do it and see how it turns out. I think it's a big problem today that people will protest before something has had a chance to happen, it's really silly imo. I say let's give this one try and if it works and everyone participating is happy then great, if not then change it next year, this is a simple thing people not some gender war battleground that needs to be stormed and taken down, jeez. If you don't agree with it then that's fine but some do but I am sure that if those people make it known they will become targets lol. I personally don't care either way, do what you wanna do. *shrugs*

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Welcome Dan and Jason, may lord Gurtsmann(I know) shine his blessing upon you and if he does shine that blessing be sure to reject it right before you sweep the leg to get him down, then proceed to loot his body for gold and monkey pelts and his only copy of Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust. Take the LSLBOB to Brad whom will proceed to not play it well and blame the game for not being good enough for his gaming skillz. After watching Brad go nuts proceed to sweep the leg then loot his body for 10 bottle caps, 4 apples and his prized Medal of Shame. Take the medal of shame to Vinny whom will exchange his first born son for the medal, take the kid over to Patrick whom will give you the options to:

1. Sweep The Leg

2. Sweep The Leg

After making your decision be sure to loot Patrick for hair curls, the goatee of evil Patrick and a dvd on tape of Grandma's Boy, take the tape to Alex whom will sigh and give you the his rock band drums, reject the drums and sweep the leg, Alex has nothing of value so you plant the monkey pelts on him and call the guards to dispose of the ruffian. Take The Horse of Alex and ride over to The House of Madman Rorie, threaten rorie with a leg sweep and he will proceed to give you what you set out on your quest for......... absolutely nothing. The End??????? Yeah i'm done. Welcome guys. Ignore this nonsense I wrote.

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Welcome to hell gentlemen, strap it on and hold on to your butts.

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Wow, what timing, I was just about to play this game for the first time. It's weird, I am playing 3 Zelda games right now. Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward *sigh* Sword.

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I can only post the best credits song, as I never really pay attention to credits music but these credits made me watch till the end, which is SUPER RARE!!!

Loading Video...

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Yay another video for me not to watch. I'll enjoy reading this soon-to-be-fustercluck though.

Same, only I will not be around watching the potential shit show that this thread will become, but if you like shit shows then you must visit NeoGAF, they are the gaming shit show capital of the internet. :)

I stepped into their thread about this for 3 pages and my brain turned off so I hit that magic X on the top right of my monitor.