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This is the 5th or 6th time I have read this thread title as "Ellen Degeneres Seamless Hyperspace Travel"

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I hope he gets hired by activision to pimp a new Guitar Hero.

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I thought it was great overall, some guests were better than others and fit my personality and interest wheelhouse more than others. Great stuff Pat. We need more Ed Boon on the GB set. :)

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The Adventures of TinTin

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@jadegl said:

@mashtime_dandies: I don't think anyone except maybe the most ardent ideologue wants a straight up female protagonist over what they're already creating in the game with Arno. However, the developers touted customization options in the game, and then are flabbergasted when asked if those choices include gender? It's pretty basic. When I hear customization options, I first think about things like gender choice at the top of my list.

I don't care that the co-op doesn't include that, since logically they're all the same dude (which I think is kind of weird, but whatever) but at the same time, when you go out there and say there's all these cool options for changing up your character, and then you don't give people a chance to change something as basic as gender, well some people may wonder why that is, especially since there have been female assassins in their multiplayer, there was Aveline of course, etc. The precedent is there for it to be, if not probable, at least possible.

However, Ubisoft has been pretty great with their game protagonists not being cookie cutter (Aveline, Conner, etc) so I think the focus on them in this instance is unfortunate. But their answer to the question, I feel, was poorly conveyed and realized and was bound to stir some emotional reactions from people longing for more diversity in the games they play. I know my personal interest in co-op play diminished a bit when I heard this, but I will still probably check it out in the end. I think the fun of cooperative assassin missions will soothe my disappointment in not being able to personalize my avatar more drastically.

I feel like any answer but "ok we will put a female skin in" would have netted the same results. That's all I will say about this.

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Mortal Kombat X is the only thing I care about out of E3. Well that and the details on Patches 2.3/2.4 in FFXIV

Yep, this and Batman Arkham Knight is all I cared about.

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Nope. I own a Wii U but no, I don't consider it a next gen console.

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I really dug those Activision Crash titles more than the originals, so sure why not, as long as it doesn't go back to the original format.

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I plan on exiting the new console business when VR and or digital only become the norm. I don't want to deal with either of those things.