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While I understand it's the lot of the video game critic to think about the medium more deeply than the average consumer, I can't imagine what it must be like to wring my hands over quandaries this trivial.

It's often very useful to understand the "artistic intent" behind certain decisions, but you as a player are under no obligation to experience a game the way its creators feel you should. If you might enjoy The Evil Within more without those black bars, get 'em the hell outta there! And if you want to console command yourself into invulnerability, you can do that too!

I was about to jump in here and say I disagreed with you, but now I'm not too sure. I will say that I don't think it's a trivial thing though. It seems like there are more and more games which seem to be aiming to get across an artistic vision so I think we need to have this sort of conversation. Maybe the questions need to be about what can and can't be used for artistic intent in games? If the player controls it, such as the camera, can the artist use it to say something? Should their vision be limited to the story?

Personally, I feel like artistic intent should be respected, but I don't know if that means players shouldn't have the option? I keep wanting to compare it to film but it's really not the same thing. Games are all about interactivity and player choice, I suppose the question is 'Does player choice only apply within the game world?' I watched a horror film tonight. I didn't watch it in the dark alone, I watched it with friends, joking around the whole way though. Was that the scenario the filmmakers had in mind when they made the film? Probably not. Is that the same as changing the aspect ratio of a game? I've no idea. I know I wouldn't expect anyone to watch 'The grand budapest hotel' and think 'I don't like that this is in 4:3, I'm gonna change that'. I know that modding etc. has always been a big part of gaming, so I'm sure that'll need to be taken into account.

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Does anyone know which of these panels will be streaming? I'd love to see pretty much all of them!

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I never even noticed the gun until my 7th viewing. Still don't understand it. Anyone know what the 2nd frame says? I'm assuming it's Japanese for something.

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@shagge said:

We need a Stop Yer Smokin' Dammit Club on GB or something. I want to quit as well (been smoking for 12 years), and I'd like to see some fellow duders take on the task at the same time. My only option is cold turkey, being a broke bastard and all (another reason to quit), so a support group would be invaluable.

I don't want to start right away, as I'm in a rough patch at the moment and don't need the extra stress, but sometime this year I want to quit. Anyone interested?

I could do with this too. I managed to do 11 days without one recently, but I wanted to die and hated everything at that point and needed one just to not get super angry at everyone. I would like to try again, but my problem is being in college cause the stress/other smokers makes it so much more difficult. But yeah I'd be up for a giant bomb quitters club.

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@kidavenger: I'm applying for a bunch of jobs at the minute, I've applied to about 20 in the past 2 weeks, so far I've got a single rejection and that's the only one I've heard back from. I think my main problem is employment history, the problem being, well, I have none. I have plenty of education, and I've spent the past 4-5 years in unpaid/voluntary positions within the media industry (it's ultimately where I want to end up, I was under the belief I'd be the one to get what they want without ever having a 'real' job, but then reality happened), so I've no experience with sales, working in a business (I've essentially been self-employed for the past 2 years, working on short films/documentaries etc.). Any suggestions on ways to make up for this lack of 'real world' experience or do I just ignore any jobs that say experience required, or apply anyway and hope I get lucky? Also, what the hell do I put in my 'hobbies and interests' section? It always feels like a trap.

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@adamwd said:

Tim Schafer and Greg Rice were in the office today. Odds either of them make a guest appearance on the Bombcast?

Didn't they go do that Gamespot thing?

C'mon bombcast! Some days it's ok to have a late bombcast, this is not one of those days.

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As someone who want's to make some incredibly personal stuff (my chosen medium happens to be short films/documentaries), super happy to find this article. Good to know there are like-minded people out there who want to create this stuff, and also people who want to experience it. Makes it a lot easier to go do that rewrite cause you can't just use the 'but nobody cares about this shit' excuse.

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@claudia said:
@flameboy298 said:

@claudia said:
  • Martyrs
  • The Children
  • 28 Days Later
  • Funny Games (US) (have not seen the original...)

Not much, but the only ones that come to mind right now.

Isn't Funny games like Comedy Horror or thriller or something??

It's more of a thriller/horror I think? I know many people consider this a thriller, but I find the things that happen pretty much horror.

I don't remember if there is some comedy in it, but it certainly isn't like Tucker & Dale vs Evil or Cabin in the Woods.

I wouldn't necessarily call Funny Games a horror, though it's certainly one of the films I found the hardest to watch but couldn't turn it off. I legitimately felt bad about liking it. If anything, the fear is more of a meta-fear (I don't know if that makes sense). I think Haneke did an incredible job with this, I really think he is one of the most genius directors around. *puts on film school student's hat* His use of counter-cinema to remind you that you're watching a film really makes you question what we deem as acceptable on film, and why we find it acceptable when we'd find it horrifying in real life. That, dear readers, is where the true horror comes from - that we are capable of enjoying such acts of violence. *Takes off hat* Sorry about that.

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2001, if only for the sound design. I could watch that movie with no dialogue and still be blown away by it. Just incredibly, so unsettling.

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@arbitrarywater said:

Prediction: Patrick Klepek will continue to advocate for video games I have no interest in playing but will redeem himself by streaming himself playing a bunch of stupid horror games over the internet.

*fist bump*

Speaking of streaming a bunch of horror games... Spelunky may be your own personal horror story (a horror story I love watching), but I miss me some good old-fashioned, jump scare-induced picture falling fun. Any plans for a good Spookin' soon?

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