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Depression Quest was not at all what I was expecting. I guess I'm glad I played it before reading this, because I probably would have written it off entirely had I known it was, and I'm boiling it down, a choose your own adventure story.

As empathy-inducing games go, I felt ambivalent about Depression Quest. Parts of it hit very close to home, while others felt like a charicature of a depressed person. I suppose that makes sense from both a story telling perspective and a design constraint, but it took me out of the experience a bit.

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Certainly Puzzle Agent if you want a Professor Layton-ish game.

Ignoring that stipulation: McPixel, Game Dev Story, and Pinball Arcade if you're using an iPad and like pinball.

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So, this is both a song about being a zombie and becoming a zombie after doing bath salts.

Forget it. I'm not going to get into a whole deal about it. No one should care that much about zombie satire and/or Carly Rae Gypsum.

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Very easy. Don't overthink this.

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Straight up spoiler time, dog.

I have a request:

So, I already did this. Then I remembered that Bub and Bob should work. Can anyone verify that?

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I intended to keep the entire series on one console, but once I bothered to pick up Twin Snakes, that went out the window. Since I play more games on 360, and since I have two copies of MGS 2 for PS2 already (and a third for Xbox OG, now that I think about it) and two copies of MGS, I got the HD collection for 360.

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I've been awaiting Jonathan Blow's next game ever since I was spoon-fed the solutions for the majority of Braid. I look forward to its (inevitable?) inclusion in next year's summer of Arcade.

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@GrilledCheez01 said:

Something to fill the game room void.

I love this idea. Indie Games Thursday replaces Game Room Thursday (RIP). 
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I agree that Portable Ops would have been a great inclusion in this package, but I think the fact that so few people are mentioning its exclusion speaks volumes. It was a good game with horrendous controls that, I suppose, Konami does not feel is relevant enough to both to remaster. 
It's a shame, really. But surely the same cannot be true for Metal Gear Solid, making its exclusion from this package all the more baffling. 
Of course, I complain, but I am still capable of playing both games on my PSP and PS3, respectively. In that way, I guess I'm more disappointed that they aren't remastering Portable Ops, because I don't think I can bring myself to fuss with those controls ever again.

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The point, I feel, isn't that you can rather easily fail a case in L.A. Noire. To me, the point is that your failure yields the same results as your success, the only difference being a largely underwhelming cutscene with your section head complaining, which is always immediately ignored upon the start of the next case. 
Since the results are static, it only seems reasonable to try to play the game as correctly as possible. Not doing so breaks the story. It's a significant flaw in the game.

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