2016: A Year in Review

(Under Construction)

Games of 2016

Game I Loved/Hated - Hearthstone

Game That Made Me Feel Nostalgia - Final Fantasy XV/Doom (tie)

Game that changed what distribution means - Hitman

Game that makes being a dick feel good - Tyranny

Game that made me want to buy toys - Gundam Breaker 3

Game that improved the most - The Division

Game of the Year - Overwatch

Game that made jam - Hyper Light Drifter/Val-Hal-ha (tie)

Game I forgot about after 10 minutes of playing it - Final Fantasy Explorers

Game I should have played more of: Stardew Valley/Darkest Dungeon (tie)

Game I bought twice because of reasons: Rise of the Tomb Raider


Game I still haven't beaten but will get around to it I swear: The Witcher 3

Game everyone says sucks and it kind of does but, it did something neat: No Man's Sky

Game someone compared to Life is Strange and It Follows so why haven't I played it yet: Oxenfree

Game I desperately want to play but the damn episodes take so long to come out and I want to do it one go: Kentucky Route Zero

Pretty/Narratively Intetesting Indie Game of the Year: Firewatch/ABZU/Bound (tie)

Games that made me tell stories in them: XCOM2/Civilization VI/Stellaris (tie)

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Backloggery! An Account


My backlog is daunting. Most progress will be posted there and cross-posted to here.

I'm about 35 hours into Assassin's Creed 3 now and I am really enjoying it. It has some faults but overall I'm liking it better than Revelations and 1, maybe a bit less than Brotherhood and 2. I'm on Sequence 9 and have been running around collecting things/doing all the Homestead missions. Almost done all of them! Tomorrow I do all the ship missions.

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Backloggery! An Intro

I shall be using my Giant Bomb blog to make cursory and sometimes lengthy updates using Screenshots on my Backlog progression. On Steam/GoG/Origin my backlog is extensive and requires some time to work through it. Hopefully at some point soon I will get a Google Doc up with my full backlog info but until then most of the games are my unplayed ones on my Steam account found through here. I'll do (bi?)weeky updates and hopefully I'll show some progress. The posts shall detail my progression, some impressions/thoughts and some screenshots. I will get sidetracked by replaying older games and new releases. All posts will not be spoiler free.

This week I have:

  • X-COM: Enemy Unknown (near the end of the game, mothership?)
  • Mark of the Ninja (Halfway through)
  • Assassin's Creed 3
  • Gotham City Imposters F2P (my go-to online shooter for the moment)
  • Jade Empire (just started, a couple hours into the game)