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I like the intimate quality of the production. I think it's an essential quality for this type of recording- one that relies solely on voice and guitar. Your voice is nice but it feels restrained. I'm a big fan of baritone singers (i.e. The National, Silver Jews), and you definitely have potential, but your voice feels like it's drowned out by playing it safe. Maybe if the vocals were more prominent in the production stage. Again, you definitely have talent! Keep it up.

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When Vinny is describing that time traveling turn-based strategy game and everyone is clearly confused, he keeps going on about it and Ryan gradually builds with "...Shut up... shut the fuck up...shut up... you sound like the coke-guy at the party, no one has any idea what you're talking about," with Vinny continuing to describe the game. Something along those lines. Great Ryan anger moment.


_____ is/are still a threat. Still use it to this day.

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@Prodstep said:
" @iAmJohn:  Damnit, beat me to it. "
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I wonder if Mike Patton is releasing a coinciding "soundtrack" with the game. 75 minutes of throat-gurgling and yelping.

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@TorresLFC: I just listened to that last night, it wasn't it but it was still hilarious.
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It's probably safe to blame Chester from Linkin Park.

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That could be it! Thanks.

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@Babble: No that's the problem, so it must be fairly old. Also, they said it early on during the podcast, maybe the first 20 minutes.
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They haven't said it in forever. It was the FIRST time he said it. 

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There were a lot of sexual references.. then a pause, then Jeff said "This podcast is over."