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Tactile Depression 0

Papers, Please is an observation based puzzle game set in the fictionally disheartening world of Arstotzka. You play as an inspector responsible for border control, patrolling for suspicious and fraudulent citizens trying to sneak their way into the country. Along the way, the mechanics get more challenging, the storyline both becomes more grey, and you’ll meet reoccurring characters that force you to make weighty decisions quickly. Choices are always meek and usually unforgiving.So how co...

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Stuck In Its Ways 0

Stuck In Its Ways: Pokémon: X and YPokemon is a weird series: the plot is strange, the dialogue feels cybernetic, and the mechanics are outdated. And yet, its latest iterations, Pokémon X and Y prove that the core gameplay still works in 2013. The same skeleton remains in its latest iterations: a young boy or girl is ushered out into the obscure world of Pokémon to be “the best” by filling out a vast database (called a Pokédex) of monsters for a keen profe...

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Finding A Voice in Transistor 0

Transistor, Supergiant Games’ second effort, pits players as Red, a singer who has lost her voice in what is referred to as “The Process”. Gameplay implores a chess-like style of planning and strategizing in a time-frozen field where actions require energy that depletes as you work your way through the enemies. Transistor’s story, like Supergiant’s first game, Bastion, is revealed through a combination of vocal narration and environmental info-dumps.It has been diff...

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Black Coffee and Cigarrettes 0

I think I enjoyed L.A. Noire. Well, at least, I know it’s an important game: it’s important because the technology (finally) captures decent facial emotion and because Rockstar breaks the silent-protagonist curse. The worst part of L.A. Noire was when I was playing the game; this sounds harsh but I did really enjoy the game. Albeit lengthy, at no point did I become exhausted of the numerous and somewhat similar tricks of drive to destination, talk to local lackeys at said destination, investigat...

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Expansion aside, the laser-beam story is as great as ever. 0

What I enjoy most about Batman lore is the different perspectives that authors include to challenge the concrete wall of Bruce Wayne’s morality. In “The Killing Joke”, Alan Moore creates an ambiguous ending in which the reader must choose whether Batman can be corrupted or not. In Batman: Arkham City, the next environmentally logical step in Rocksteady’s perceived trilogy, like Arkham Asylum, Batman is battered and beaten, and by the end, through gradual wear-and-tear, his suit is ripped, and he...

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Best Wrestling Game, ever. 0

This game was made in the prime of Wrestling, so all of the best Wrestlers are available to play, and at their prime, with no stupid Legendary Characters. I spent countless hours playing this game with my friend and we never got bored of it. When I saw this on sale for 2 dollars at my local video rental store, I had to purchase it. After purchasing it, I spent another week addicted to it and it brought back so many memories. If you ever see it, and want to play a game when WWF was in it's prime,...

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Rock Band: Pro's And Con's 0

With the upcoming release of Rock Band 2, I'd thought I'd repost a review I wrote a while a go about the original Rock Band. You can give feedback if you'd like.Pro’s and Con’s - Rock BandRock Band GameplayAny fan of the Guitar Hero series or of video games in general have been interested in any tidbit of news for Rock Band, and with reason to. Rock Band may not score points for originality, but why mess with a supreme formula? Harmonix, the creators of the first two Guitar Hero games, decided t...

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