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#1 Posted by NobodyHereButUsTrees (92 posts) -

@konig_kei said:


Fucking this. Why Bioware? Why?

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@Xabu said:

Can't really say much of anything until I hear a PC port confirmed.

What. Why wouldn't there be one?

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Duder, you're 25. It ain't the end of the world.. I know it sucks balls right now, but you'll meet other women and hopefully find one that wants to spend the rest of her life with you. Let your (I'm assuming) ex go, don't hold her back if this is what she wants (but if it isn't, just wait 4-6 months for her to come crawling back).

So, grab a girl (or a guy), enjoy yourself*, and just soldier on.

*New Vegas reference. Gomorrah!

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@Marokai said:

@Vodun said:

@Marokai said:

As usual with such things, I think more people are giddily anticipating and complaining about people complaining than people complaining in the first place. ..If that made sense. The first thing they should do before they make a change like that is to get rid of the medals, though. Aside from trying to split the bombcast, it was the first really stupid mistake they made. You can hardly blame people for getting defensive about non-subscriber content. Since the very first day in introducing these features the main crew have horribly bungled the execution. Giving subscribers medals under their user icons did nothing but divide the community more than anything else could've. We shouldn't have silly little features that only serve to made the subscribers feel better about themselves. The subscriber content should do that alone. It gets rid of all of the dickishness.

Yes, what they should do is remove all forms of incentive to become a subscriber so everything is equal. That must truly increase their income tenfold!

Yeah.. that's cute and all, but the problem with your little quip is that's not at all what I said. What I suggested was that those medals serve absolutely nothing but dividing lines in the community. They're meaningless status symbols, that, more often than not, are just used as tools in arguments by some people who want to make subscribers out to be asshole elitists and subscribers who want to piss all over the peon non-subscribers. The subscription content itself should be the incentive to join. Not a "hey I'm better than you!" medal. Whether it should be seen as that or not, it's done nothing but cause trouble. Also, if you subscribe purely because of the medal, you're a bad person and exactly the type of person people are bitching about anyway.

To be honest though, but it's not WM's fault if some non-subscriber gets butthurt over someone's medal or if a subscriber suddenly decides he has an anaconda-sized e-penis. I didn't know that having a medal next to your name (or not) was such a big fucking deal. But then again, this is the Internet. Frankly, I don't give a shit either way if the medals stay or go (go check my profile, I post in the threads like once a year lol), I just enjoy being able to watch GB videos while on the can.

But yeah, I agree with you on your last point; those people are dog rapists.

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Breaking news: Microsoft to consumers, "Fuck you." Details at 11.

#7 Posted by NobodyHereButUsTrees (92 posts) -

@Riddell said:


Took the words right out of my mouth.

#8 Posted by NobodyHereButUsTrees (92 posts) -

Fight the power bro. Good on ya!

#9 Posted by NobodyHereButUsTrees (92 posts) -

And it still doesn't have the "delete account" function that was promised back in November. What the shit.

#10 Posted by NobodyHereButUsTrees (92 posts) -

Argonian, solely for being able to breathe underwater.

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