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But we could already do this through mobile browsers. I've bought Steam Christmas sale games via my iPhone while traveling with family.

A custom app may be prettier, but doesn't add new functionality related to the purchase of games.

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@sdornan: It's still not working for me. Maybe it's rolling out to users in stages? My account is still marked as private.

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Did you pay your own way to the event, or is this coverage sponsored by Capcom?

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It's the reward for beating Area 06.

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I just hope this doesn't go back into the bombcast. I always had to fast forward through that part. It was horrible.

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@Pinworm45 said:
" @DJSire said:
" Maybe it's just amazing what you can see when you put that gaming cynicism aside. "

I...don't get it.
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@Bib: Thanks for sharing. I'm incorporating that data into my current spreadsheet to get set for next year. See you in twelve months and I'll share what I've got!
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Love it. 
I was so happy that the Wii has those little messages about time played, but I wish that was exportable, and I wish the other consoles did something similar. I keep track of my achievement totals, but I have nothing like this available. You have inspired me to do something similar starting in 2011. I could probably pick out start and end dates for games based on achievement timestamps on the 360, but will probably just do this going forward. 
Would you be willing to share your file? I'd like to see how you organized everything.

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Red warp zones are for when you'll get a character for completion. Purple are just for fun (and two bandages). Correct, there is no indication of completion, but they will show if you've received bandages.

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I voted 360 because I looked at my library of games on all consoles and the 360 is has better quantity and quality that matches my taste regarding exclusives. Don't forget about arcade exclusives.
On the 360 I've enjoyed these exclusives (although some were indeed offered on the PC):
- Fable series 
- Halo series 
- Gears series 
- Super Meat Boy 
- Alan Wake 
- Shadow Complex 
- N+ 
- Forza series 
- Left 4 Dead 
- Crackdown 1   
- Limbo
On the PS3 I've enjoyed these exclusives: 
- Uncharted series 
- Demon's Souls  
On the Wii I've enjoyed these exclusives: 
- Super Mario Galaxy
So yeah, the math sort of worked out in the 360's favor. I know this is just my list, and some of you would have the inverse, but it's why I voted as I did.