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@babychoochoo: I would be very interested in hearing about the differences in design, if you feel like writing them out. If it's going to take too much of your time to do so, though, then don't worry about it. I don't want to be a burden.

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@nocall Go for dota 2, I've found the online play has become friendlier, not sure if it's because of the higher levels or the reporting system I assume you've missed in the last couple of years. There's still jerks out there like any online game but it does seem better, that & play with friends like other people have suggested.

@jazz_bcaz Dota takes up the majority of my multiplaying gaming so I have no interest in picking up another moba.

It's been...3 years since I played LoL? They had just introduced the new gamemode map thingy when I quit. I could be wrong on the date. And I was lucky enough to get a beta invite for dota, so I quit when there were ~1/3 of the available heroes that there is now. I think the last one that was added before I quit was "outworld devourer" (at least I think so, I only remember using his imprisonment ability and had to look up the name just now)

@slag Yeah, there's a good chance you're right. I like the gameplay, and it's not like I freak out every time someone criticizes me, but the instances that did make me stop playing in both cases were just obnoxiously, ridiculously aggressive rudeness that just made me left feeling frustrated at the entire human race as a whole.

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@kindgineer said:

Whenever I find myself asking this sort of question, especially when the game is 'free,' I like to slap myself in the face.

Why shouldn't you? Unless there's a personal reason you shouldn't, which you wouldn't bring up the question if you did, there really is no good reason not to try something out again/for the first time and possibly enjoy yourself. There is literally zero loss.

That's a very fair point. I think most of my hesitance in not just diving straight back in is a matter of time. I spent a good amount of time on both games just learning the items and heroes, and if I do go back I really just want to play one single MOBA and not waste time re-learning all the innerworkings of the ones I won't be playing. And, since I personally can't see a reason to pick any of these of the others, I thought it would be good to get a weight of opinions.

@wolfgame : thanks for reminding me of that! I remember LoL installing that garbage before. I can't recall if dota does, but I'm going to assume it just uses steam DRM instead.

@gunslingerpanda : As a big time fan of all things DC, this makes me sad, but it does makes sense. Everything I've seen around the interwebzones about it has looked not-so-great.

EDIT: @slag I only have one friend that likes moba type games, and his game of preference is/was HoN. I tried to get him to play both LoL and Dota with me, but he wouldn't come over. I even tried HoN myself, but it just seemed like a inferior product.

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Can I have an invite sent to "Tendrop"? (please & thanks!)

I took a break from this game awhile back but want to get back into it. I wanted Excalibur, so I made a new account (old account was only at jupiter and didn't want to grind to pluto just for it). Also, old account was already removed from clan, so I won't be taking up two spots in the roster.


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@pweidman said:

Personally, I've grown to really enjoy the World Cup. The athleticism on display is just ridiculous by these world class futbol players. As a sports fan it's a ton of fun; wish it wasn't only every 4 years. However the flopping and faking injuries and purposely burning the clock(no timeouts for injuriesWTF?)is super annoying to me. Not a deal breaker by any means but it really stands out as a detraction. And some others have noticed too:


This is why I don't watch soccer (as well as basketball , although someone told me it isn't as big of an occurrence in basketball as it used to be).

I really made an honest effort to watch soccer when I was in college, because my roommate was really into it, but all the fake injuries just frustrated me so much. I get mad when I see people lying in real life, why do I want to watch entertainment when lying about being hurt plays such a big role? Every time I would see someone comically throw themselves backwards and then look towards the ref with their arms raised in the air, I'd die a little inside.

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I'm looking for an RPG game with a good amount of humor. How old it is doesn't matter, as long as I can get it to work on a Windows 7 PC and I don't have to download anything even remotely illegal.

Action combat is a bit of a turn off, but not a complete deal breaker. I'm going to be using it as a mental stress reliever while I work on a big project, so something where I can breathe and relax while playing is desirable (i.e., turn based combat).

The best I could find on my own is Anachronox, which seems promising and I can get for $6 on GoG, but I wanted to ask the community in-case any of you duders out there have suggestions.

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Haven't really played since launch, and highest character is only 20-something, but looking to get back in.

Can you throw an invite to "Name.6513"? Peas and Danks.

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@cale: No, I actually have pretty decent medical insurance (not the best, but much better than I used to have). It took care of ~80% of the bill. The reason for the lag between service and payment is that the hospital has to contact your insurance, who then pay a portion of the bill, and then the hospital contacts you about paying the remainder. So to answer your question: yes and no. Yes, the insurance will "automatically" pay for whatever they cover, without me having to do any work, but "no" that there is still manual payments that I need to take care of after that.

@chop Believe me, I had a panic attack when I found out that a debt collector was after me. As someone who has had to previously deal with lawyers about money stuff--on the "good" end, mind you, as in seeking payment that I was owed--I have no desire to ever talk to any of the sleaze bags that work in the debt collection buisness. They are not good people, and just thinking about their attitudes and how they carry themselves makes me clench a fist.

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This is a pointless rage post. You're probably best off not reading it.

In December, right before Christmas, I was told that there may be an issue with my liver after a routine check-up. As such, I scheduled some blood tests with the lab in the hospital in which my doctor practices. This is the first time I use that lab.

About a month passes and it turns out my liver seems okay, but I'll have to get it tested again in six months. The bills from the hospital come in, I pay them, and then I move on with my life.

Fast forward to April. I get a recorded voicemail on my phone claiming to be a debt collector. In the beginning, I ignore it, thinking it must be a phishing scam, because I don't have any debt. However, after doing an internet search of the company I find that it is a legit debt collector and one of their main clients is the hospital I use.

Apparently the bills I paid before were for the main hospital, while the Lab is a separate entity that resides in the hospital. After many phone calls I figure out that while all my information in the hospital's system is correct, my mailing address is off by one digit in the Lab's system--which means that the bill(s?) that the lab sent never made their way to my home.

I pay off the debt collector via a credit card over the web and save the "payment received" notification. I contact the hospital and express my dismay that they would allow such an event to occur -- despite the hospital itself having my correct address, and me always paying my bills from them immediately, the Lab couldn't apparently be bothered to ask them for my correct address once the bills returned to (I'm assuming, here) the billing center as "undeliverable" mail. Nor could they simply call me to try to verify my address, as the phone number they had in their system WAS correct. I guess it was just easier to call the debt collector.

So here I am with a red mark on my credit report because my address was wrong and no one bothered to correct it. A little while later, I get a letter from the main hospital that they're looking into the issue. Another week passes and I learn that the person who was transcribing my info into their computer system made a mistake and mistyped that one digit.

I ask if there's any way they can remove the debt note from my credit report and they said they'll look into it. Also, as I was paying a debt collector and not a medical establishment, I used my credit card instead of my HSA card to pay the debt. Due to this, I also ask them to send me a copy of the original bill so that I could get reimbursed from my HSA. They agree.

At this point, I think I'm done. Yesterday I get a bill in the mail from the lab. It's for the same amount that I already paid the debt collector. The bill is dated, and, from the looks of it, it seems that the charges were subtracted from the bill back in march ("to debt collector") but then added back to the bill on the same day that I had the conversation with the Lab billing person.

I think that there's two possibilities:

  1. This is simply the bill copy that I requested, and I shouldn't have to pay it.
  2. Someone screwed up and, in the process of trying to make a copy, added the charges back to my account.

I checked my account online for the lab and it seems that #2 is correct -- I once again "owe" the lab for the liver panel.

I shake my head and sigh. I write another email to the billing person I was in contact with, and now I sit here, waiting and wondering how an organization could be so incompetient

That's all.