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This is all incredibly useful, thanks everyone.

Are there any builds that should be avoided? For example, in DkS1 an archer build wasn't really viable, while a pure mage was good for PvE but not PvP. From what I read above, it sounds like "quality builds" (high focus on STR/DEX and a weapon that scales with both) aren't as viable, and that "heavy tank" builds (high poise and defense) don't work as well, either. Are there any playstyles I should just flat out avoid, or know that I'm gonna have a rough time with?

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Please, do not post "game world spoilers" in this thread.

I have avoided all information about Dark Souls 2 in preparation of it's PC release. I'm hoping to have a couple of helpful posters give me a few tips on aspects of the game mechanics that a new player should know in order to not gimp or paint himself into a corner.

In my head, this is separate from spoilers, but I could see how this may be confusing. Let me show you the kind of tips I'm looking for using Dark Souls 1.

Good tips:

  1. Resistance is a useless stat, don't invest in it.
  2. The requirements for leveling up a stat increase each level
  3. It's typically better to raise your gear's level before your character's level
  4. You can raise your shield and still attack if you have a spear or thrusting sword, but your stamina does not recharge while your shield is raised

Tips (spoilers to me) that I wouldn't want (these are DkS1 spoilers, so if you haven't played then don't read) that are less about the game mechanics, and more about exploring and playing the game itself:

  1. Watch out for the bridge by the castle, a drake will appear and set it on fire
  2. If you shoot the drake's tail a bunch, you'll get a really good sword
  3. Go up the hill when you start, the graveyard and underground part have enemies that are way too strong for you at the beginning

So that's the difference. As I said before, I have avoided ALL information about Dark Souls 2, so please do your best not to spoil anything other than the game's obtuse mechanics. If you're having a hard time telling the two categories of tips above apart, then please refrain from posting :)


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Awesome, that's a great help -- thanks!

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Hey everyone, a few questions that I thought the game would explain eventually but it doesn't seem to want to. I tried looking on the warframe wiki, too, but couldn't find any answers. Your help is appreciated!

  1. I get that the "three pieces of bluish paper" is credits, but on the home screen next to my name and my number of banked credits there is also a silver circle that has read "50" since I signed up. What the heck is that?
  2. Sometimes at the end of a mission, in the bonus rewards section, I'll not only get bonus credits but also a certain amount of some other resource. It's listed directly to the right of the bonus credits and it's icon is some sort of white chimney or remote control surrounded by white swirls on both sides. What the heck is that?
  3. As I'm starting to do Earth missions, I'm noticing everyone has sentinels. I'm sentinel-less, but I'm still using the default rifle, pistol, and 2nd tier sword from the Mercury boss. What order should I be upgrading in? Is it more important to get a sentinel before getting a new primary?
  4. I've enabled "camara tracks melee target" and "melee auto targetting" because I read that they were supposed to help you "lock on" to targets in melee, but it still feels like I'm just wildly slashing through the air and really floaty/bad. Is there anything else I can do to improve melee or is it just like that in this game (I have heard they're working on improving it, but from what I understand that could be a long way off)
  5. Any general tips of other obtuse/ill-explained systems that I might not even realize are there are helpful, too.


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So I just ordered a Wii U and it should arrive this coming weekend. I'm interested in picking up MH3U after seeing Patrick's QL back when, but I'm not sure how multiplayer codes work on the Wii U.

Basically, my question is that if I buy a used copy from Gamestop, will I be able to play multiplayer? Or are the multiplayer codes included "one and done"? (I played a little of Tri on the wii, and remember it coming with a code that you had to manually enter to authenticate your wii -- I'm assuming it's the same case here).


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@gaspower Thanks for cc'ing Patrick, I should have been smart enough to know that he'd probably be interested in this

@themangalist Yeah, she said she translated it that way "so that I would understand" =)

I've tried to learn some Chinese myself, but, well...yeah...

I can ask for water!

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I noticed that in the bottom left corner of the soma website ( there are five Chinese characters. My wife is Chinese, so I asked her what they meant.

She read them and started laughing. I asked her what was going on, and I guess they're an old and pretty well known Chinese adage that roughly translates into "The sky is very high and the king is far away".

In context, people in China would say that in regards to committing illegal activities. China was/is huge, and there is a ton of trouble you could get yourself into, and since the Emporor was only one man and so far away, his gaze would only reach so far and could only concentrate on a small number of issues at once, meaning that there was often no repercussions for your wrongdoings.

So, basically, it means "Do anything you want because the law can't touch us"

...which is super creepy, when this game appears to take place on a space station or space ship of some kind, assuredly beyond the grasp of whatever government or ruling body makes the laws on Earth. I get a very Dead Space/System Shock/Event Horizon/Alien series feeling from this.

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Hey duders, applied to Kite Co as "Reliable Yeti".

Played this game for about a month awhile ago, but didn't really get into it. Think it was because I was trying to lone wolf it too much...