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This.. I cannot believe it.. Condolences to all of his family and friends.

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Battletag: Noc#2302

Difficulty: Will play all difficulty levels

Region: Europe

Class: Will play all classes

Same as many others I´m soloing first run. After that, anything goes.

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Official site release date states PSN release is Spring 2012. So any day now then or what?

I really dislike these "This game maybe released somewhere around this timeperiod"

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Hmm this should be nominated to topic of the year. Will follow and hope for more awesomeness

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I think it's awesome that you at least were able to install the game. I'm stuck at the activation page, which will not load at all for me. Only giving me the good old "This page cannot be loaded".. sigh

Your games. Anywhere, anytime.

Yeah right....

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Really like it when people post their own music, and especially when it is as well done like this.

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I just listen to the bombcast as I would listen to any other radio show during work. Some quicklooks might stretch out abit, but then again, I'm not really interested in those games. And if that's the case I use my god given right to shut the player down and watch something else instead.

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Awesome duder! Really nice editing!

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Weapons or not, I'm pretty sure it would be a tie.