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Any one got any modded gear they can hook me up with?

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This just in the Joker will not be in Arkham Asylum 3, more on the late break news at 11. 
On aside note, I just want AA2 before even worrying about 3. In my opinion I think it was kinda lazy going with Joker again, kinda hope the game starts with Joker getting taken down right away. I want new bad guys, Joker is awesome but I don't think it will be as good story wise if he's calling the shots the entire time again. 

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The 3DS will be shown for the first time. I think Sony may show off a PSP2, some kind of better PSPGo. And more then likely a 360 Slim.

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I like them because of the life and effect it gives to a game, but makes me nuts when I try to go do a mission and I have to come back later cause it's too late or too early.

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Ok that's kinda what I thought, thank you.

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Ok let's start this off by saying I already know I'm dumb for not figuring this out, but how the hell do you get into a duel? Do you have to be really famous or something?

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I got into a stage couch and paid to take off and then it wouldn't go, nor would it let me get out.

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GB to NES to PC (kinda) to Playstation to PS2 to 360/PS3.

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@AnimZero said:
" Good sweet Christ no. Well, maybe on the iPad, but not on something as small as an iPod Touch/iPhone... you'd have to, like, touch the little squares and touch the menu commands and... uggghhhhh. It'd have to be iPad exclusive. "
What if they made it so you could like zoom in further then you could before, I'm saying if they just tried to port it it would work I agree but think that they could make it work it you could zoom in close.