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By Iphone OS I mean Ipod touch Iphone or Ipad. I'm just wondering because if there's more people like me that would maybe they are already thinking about it, either that or I'm just crazy something I haven't ruled out. Or can that even happen, because I'm fairly sure Sony published it and how long before Square has the rights to do with it as they will or does that ever happen. Side bar if you have a PSP(I had one but had to sell it and don't really want another) and like FFT the remake for it was awesome, if you haven't played  it pick up your key board and smash your hand with it for being a bad person. It's a crying shame that it's just the original on PSN cause I would gladly pay 20 bucks for that one on a big TV.

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street fighter, I love them but I couldn't beat a two year old on my best day. I'm a little better at Marvel vs Capcom but not by much.

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@AuthenticM said:
" I want him on the Bomb Cast. "
yes this is right, do it now! someone get a hold of someone and make this happen! Top men!
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I like the 360 better other then the dpad is jacked, but I don't care cause rarely use it. PS3 dualshock 3 is still too light, I feel like ima break it every time I pick it up, and fuck the smooshy L2 and R2.

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Gears of War did it for me.

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@Icemael said:
" God of War is "GoW". Gears of war is "Gears". "
Yep that's right, shut this bitch down.
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edit: sorry the pic is small can't figure out how to make it bigger, it's an ad for mod nation racers.

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anyone else seem some poorly placed ads lately?