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That game kicked so much ass! First time Wario was seen, kick ass level design. HEY NINTENDO......I'll give you sec to look this way......... YES YOU NINTENDO, if you really are going to make a VC for the DSi put this game on it.

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Ya I have a DS lite, but it's like one of the first while ones. My screens are all beat up and my hinge is cracked

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I'm kinda thinking about picking one up but idk is it worth it? Iphone games are getting kinda old... thoughts???

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hook it up

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Am I the only one that feels this should be DLC?

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I think the dude hosting that is a pussy, damn his voice makes me wanna kill puppies.

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Hey keep those ads kiddies, I buy the time I got to the best buys, like five min after the doors opened, a lot of stuff was gone that I wanted. But FEAR NOT walmart price matches ads. So take it to walmart and get your game on!

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ya it all true, i gotta hook up at my local best buy, i noticed a few that wasn't on the list. I cant remember what they were off the top of my head, but if you go to best buy and look for best buy stickers on the top of the cases and those are the ones that will be ten.

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Is live even still running on the Xbox, cause i really don't think it is with how fast they pulled the plug on it