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An excellent package for a system that desperately needs it. 0

3DS box art (cropped) Pac-Man & Galaga starring in a brand new game on a new console... What year is this? As a gamer that lived through Pac-Man Fever, I just have to say how crazy and wonderful it is that these games are still relevant and hold up as well as they do in 2011.   First of all, let's discuss what this is and what it isn't... P&G Dimensions could easily be seen as yet another shovelware attempt to slap the "3D" or "Dimensions" moniker onto some existing content, and in ...

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Lot of scary stuff here, but none of it is meant to be... 0

Let me start out by saying up-front that I have not "completed" this game, and typically that would keep me from writing a review, but I really don't think I need to do that here. On top of the fact that you've really seen what the game has to offer within the first half-hour with it, I believe I'm on mission 29 out of 30, so I feel pretty confident giving an opinion of it at this point. Also, the "missions" are all the same exact thing anyways, with the same goals, same enemies, and same (8?...

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A clunky good old time. 0

Played through this casually over the course of a weekend. It's definately worth a go, but I'd say it's probably a rental for most people... First of all, since it seems that some people don't know what an impressive lineage this has (or even that it exists at all), SotD is the newest release from Grasshopper. (Killer 7, No More Heroes, etc). It's dev's are Suda51 and Shinji Mikami (creator of Resident Evil), so I personally find it kinda strange that it seems to have gone under most people's ...

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