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Sometimes you get disconnected from the game servers and cant summon either player or npc phantoms, just quit to the main menu and go back to the game and the summon sign should appear.

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hmm.. I may be wrong but i dont think routine is a roguelike. But yes, Teleglitch is really cool.

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The major difference is Xbox One's infrastructure (online connectivity every 24 hours AND requirement to install every game), is tailored to institute some form of authentication for each game. It forces the consumer to buy and play games the way Microsoft says they should buy and play games.

Sony's open platform for the PS4 says hey, consumers, you decide how you want to game. If you want to buy a disc-based game and trade it in after you are done, go for it. If you want to download the game to your account, go for it. If you want to avoid DRM games (instituted by the publisher), then don't buy those games, we have plenty of other non-DRM games in our library. It is up to you.

exactly xbox one is built for some form of DRM and the ps4 is not, nothing is stopping a publisher to create some kind of DRM like the Online Pass.The ps4 will act exactly as the ps3 when it comes for disc based games. Besides EA already discontinued the Online Pass and even if it comes back you will probably still be able to play the single player portion of the game just as it was on the ps3 and 360.

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Well Gametrailers just did a feature about dark souls and what From Software shouldn't change in the franchise, in the end of the video the narrator says that next week 11th they will have more information on the game.

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I'll just leave this is here ....and hope you watch it...not saying this IS your problem but anyway it's quite interesting.

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@Sammo21: Yeah I know what you talking about, I had the same reaction when i heard this, but just watch the trailer and you'll see that they have a great concept of gameplay an narrative that fits apples devices very well.

Basically is like a adventure/stealth/horror game where you dont control the main prottagonist but have to help her, not only that but the game acknowledge you the player as real, and you're helping the protagonist trough your phone.

I cant quite explain everything but if you were turned off because this is IOS, just whatch the trailer on the kickstarter page and read this interview;

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why is the cover like battlefield 3 ? they could have done a better job with that.

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@Jolt92: yeah I thought that too, I'm not a expert but i really cant see how only that part of the picture looks like that and it not like there´s some one putting a finger in front of the lens.

Well maybe its just google fuckin with us

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@FourWude: you would not believe me.