What to do in Florida this Week?

I'm going on a vacation to Tarpon Springs, FL over the week of Xmas. I've been there before to visit family over the holidays and we'll be staying with my air force Sargent brother-in-law. He's a joker and a tough guy, and I dislike beaches, sports and alcohol.

I was given the opportunity to make the activity choices while we're out there. That's the problem, I don't know what to do...I've done Universal and not interested in Disney. It would be fun to see a concert like Electric Six or Cruxshadows but there's so many venues I can't find a comprehensive listing.

If you live in Florida and/or knows what is unique and fun there, let me know. I'm at a loss and would like any suggestions.


Why is Xbox so popular?

Let me sum up what I mean:

  1. Buy Xbox 360
  2. Pay internet bill (my Comcast bill is about $60 for Internets)
  3. Buy video game (with online components)
  4. Buy live subscription (which is required to use a built in part of the game you just bought)
  5. Enjoy (until you need to resubscribe)


  1. Buy PS3
  2. Pay internet bill
  3. Buy game
  4. Enjoy

I may be focused too much on money here but my mommy / daddy does not pay my bills.


Role playing in a role playing world

There is more to pen and paper RPG's then rules, dice and books. There are your friends, your wit and every ones slightly off view of the world. All games have rules, limitations and goals, which are great. The big difference is that a P&P RPG has a game master (usually a DM sometimes a Story Teller). With a GM the rules and limitations are over ridden and changed on a whim. It takes nothing more then an "okay let's do that" or a "this is a great idea" to break the world. An imaginative GM is essential to a great game and after hours of video games you are already half way there to a great game.

inFamous, for example, I wish I could play that with my friends so that we can all parquor up building and electrify the Reapers. Shadowrun, an RPG system, has modern weapons and magic that could be easily applied to this. With a little re-imagining you can have that experience with your friends and enjoy whole new adventures.
Actually that’s a great idea. I am going to make a one-shot game on that...and it will be glorious.


Role playing in a video game world

I enjoy Dungeon and Dragons as well as other role playing games. Honestly it can not compare to video games. There are no limitations and you can do anything while playing. Give it a try, do something crazy, you might like it.