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@capum15: I've already had more fun without it. I missed digging holes for reasons!

@matthew: Reading about that now. Iiiinteresting. Still a little scared of mods, TBH.

@robo Good and old-fashioned are what we're about. Almost no mods left on the server, in fact. Partially because they all keep breaking, but whatever! The area around Spawn is pretty built up, but there's a subway at lowest level of Spawn that will take you to more unspoiled territory.

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@capum15@zomgfruitbunnies Jesus Tapdancing Christ on a Cracker, I am not getting notifications properly anymore. I'd have investigated this an age ago. Looks like our host has changed our IP without telling me! The new IP is:

We are currently running 1.6.2 for stupid fucking Bukkit reasons. Server is running well.

I've been thinking a bit about my own lack of interest in Minecraft and I think I've figured it out. Creative Mode killed it for me. Some players get into the designing and constructing, and they build really awesome giant things. Ajhoff55 is one of those guys; he's had Creative mode forever and he just keeps building cooler and cooler things. That's not me. I'm a Survival mode player. If I don't have a one heart and a dwindling food bar while staring down a zombie, I'm not feeling the game. I don't want to build giant things easily, I want to build small things that are a hassle. It's weird, but that's me. So I think I'll stop. I'm going to try playing solely Survival on the server for a while, and maybe I'll have a lot more fun.

In that vein, it has become clear to me that people enjoy the game both ways, and it's a personal decision. Starting now, I'm offering everyone the choice. You're the kind of duder who wants to fly and build a scale model of Middle Earth? Have Creative, go nuts. You'd prefer to spend three days building a shack and then hide from a zombie horde? Join me in Survival. I think we'll all have more fun if we play how we want, and the world is definitely big enough for everyone to do so.

@masin What is that? Is it fun? Should we do that?

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So, nobody has been on the server in a little while. September 21, in fact! Feels like the heat is really off Minecraft these days. Am I alone in that feeling?

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Hopped on to look around a little. Nice server, guys! I don't understand this mod pack at all!

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@hoffafiles: Thanks!

@randomhero666: I knew somebody would have an idea who built the fort thingie! I thought about building some identifiers into the tunnel so you could tell which way was which for just such a purpose, but then I didn't. Did you build the quartz building in the new area?

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@jasondesante: Thanks!

I've tunneled my way into some fresher territory for us. I went digging for like an hour and a half in the same direction and I thought I should be well beyond the developed world, but when I popped my head out of the tunnel, there was a giant damn fortress nearby. It's actually cool, so I think I'll make new spawn there anyway. I'm going to work on building a subway out there next. Stay tuned!

Also, be thinking about what we want to do with the new territory. City?

EDIT: Subway to the new territory is complete! It's currently located on the bottom floor of the teleporter stacks at Spawn. The other end still needs cosmetics, but it'll get you there. Warning! Long ride! Really long! Let me know what you guys think of the new area.

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@zomgfruitbunnies: That's something I hadn't heard before. We do run the beta build of Bukkit, so stupid issues sometimes show up.

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@zomgfruitbunnies: That's something I hadn't heard before. We do run the beta build of Bukkit, so stupid issues sometimes show up.

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@randomhero666: Thanks! I'm pretty excited about it!

I just hate the idea of me going completely AWOL for a month or three and the server breaking or a cool update getting released and there's nobody on hand to reboot the server.

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It reads to me like the consensus is generally opposed to starting completely fresh, which I totally understand. An alternative might be to move the Spawn to somewhere a little fresher?

There's no need to worry about the funds. I'll keep running the server indefinitely, until a theoretical future point where absolutely nobody logs on ever. One thing to think about for the future, though. I'm kinda having a kid in early December. I anticipate my game-time disappearing for a while, and I probably won't be the most attentive server admin, either. I'd be happy to keep picking up the tab, but I might have to consider handing the Scepter of Crafting to someone else.