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Come again, who is this "you" your referring to?

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Just finished it an hour ago, loved every second, never ran into any problems with the games length or pacing and I think I like it more that is wasn't afraid to pull things back and give you periods of time without the alien or any real danger just time to explore about, as for best moments going to LV-426 and the hive stood out more than anything, the story was pretty good as well did enough to keep me wanting to see what was next.

with any luck this will maybe turn a page for the franchise, feared the worst after colonial marines, but isolation did everything right.

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It also helps to get to know the sounds the alien makes when moving around, especially the sound of it entering and exiting a vent etc, if you wait around for it to enter a vent you can have a pretty easy job of moving around the levels, just keep an ear out for the sound of it coming back out.

Also a good tip is to always check vents when your moving around, if you see any vent with what looks like water dripping out its actually the alien drooling, if you wander under it your history, you can prevent afew annoying deaths just by keep an eye on that.

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Total War Rome 2 is the most recent, what a mess it was at launch and in alot of ways still is, I've bought alot of shitty games in recent times mind you colonial marines, duke nukem forever etc, I do admit I'm always just curious to see just how bad some games are myself, now i don't buy them at full price or anything but every time I see something like rogue warrior show up on steam for afew pounds its always tempting, just to experience it first hand.

When i was younger there was alot of garbage, armorines project swarm, those ps1 duke nukem games, land of the babes etc, daikatana, boiling point and so many more.

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Conquest frontier wars, some of the most fun i had with an space based rts and no one seems to remember it :(

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Seems like "disappointing" in this context means did not meet expectations. Well its not the games fault people can't walk into a game with an open and blank mind. Complaining about games not meeting the hype is a problem with personal management of expectations. For instance I recommend to most people not to watch trailers because they can't handle build up. I only watch quick looks/reviews for information, aka how long is the game(I don't like starting games that I won't be able to finish within the week due to time restrictions), what history it has with what genres, if there is innovation in it(most games do).

I would never play FF7 or Ocarina of Time for the first time today and call things disappointing. I would instead blame myself for having succumbed to the standards of current generations.

I don't think there's anything wrong with having expectations about a game, if its part of a series or franchise that your passionate about, the warning is not to buy into the hype with pre-orders and the like until you have some indication about the quality of the game, but you can still be disappointed about how it ended up, and you can certainly blame the game or more so the people behind it in certain circumstances sure if a persons complaint about the game is it didn't feature something they wanted and it never planned to in the first place, that's on them, but in the case of games like colonial marines, or resident evil 6 etc you can certainly call the developers out for releasing a bad product

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Aliens Colonial Marines is the most recent, being a fan of the franchise when it was announced that gearbox had picked up development i must admit i was very hopeful, there track record was really solid at the time it was announced, the half life expansions, brothers in arms and borderlands etc, there where many times it looked like it had been cancelled before that infamous E3 demo but watching it you could see the potential, but man what we ended up with was shameful, not just the terrible game but the false marketing and stories of how its development was handled, more questions should have been asked about that whole mess.

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Crazy stuff, I wonder if at any point either side of this mess has sat back and through to themselves I wonder if this could just be a simple case of a company hiring 2 people who just happened to be the best candidates for the jobs, regardless of there race, religion or gender, the reaction to some of the questions aimed at giant bomb has been disgusting and can't be defended but at the same time some of the people on the other side seem to have taken the opportunity to bring there own personal opinions to the table almost as a smoke screen, like anyone its disappointing not to get a job, especially if its a job you feel very passionately about but sometimes your simply just not the best applicant, its not because your a women etc but because someone else was just a better fit for the role.

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@cabbages: That's a shame, I'm Northern Irish and I've had very little problems with it picking up my accent, it seems to work most of the time when its just me in the room talking to it.

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Really jamming a match into your ear didn't solve your problem, you should try a knife, just ram it on in there as hard as you can, that'll fix you up right and good.