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@cabbages: That's a shame, I'm Northern Irish and I've had very little problems with it picking up my accent, it seems to work most of the time when its just me in the room talking to it.

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Really jamming a match into your ear didn't solve your problem, you should try a knife, just ram it on in there as hard as you can, that'll fix you up right and good.

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Lift it out of the bowl with a toothbrush, wrap it in toilet paper and throw it out the bathroom window.

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Checking most retailers it seems they are all out of stock as well, only one that isn't is as they are taking pre-orders for a 27/01/2012 release.

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I had a similar problem (all be it without the error message) when I first tried to launch the game, in that the second after pressing play on the launcher then game would crash to desktop during the initial loading screen, the fixlauncher did work for me however, but only after I downloaded the client from the swtor site and ran it over my retail installation (not sure if you've done this), I did notice before I took that step that the launcher that installed from the DVD was missing options such as repair and enter test server etc.

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Origin ID: noextralife

Steam ID: xtalonx


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I kinda agree, there being far to soft, rather than just removing the worthless topic, they should remove the worthless user as well.

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Its been a total mess for about a week or so since they updated there website, they accepted my pre-order for gears the other day and have already taken payment for it, however my order for space marine has yet to be shipped (pre-ordered months before release) again with payment taken, although they did e-mail me apologising for the delay and offering reward points in compensation, not been a good week for getting games from UK retailers my copy of dead island from shopto was dispatched on Wednesday night (first class) and here we are on Monday and still no delivery, typical that everything starts to break down the second the release window picks up.

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This forum thread, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

On that note let me just remove my pants...., and proceed.
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Its something 40k related by the design of crest, I'm going to guess dlc or another dawn of war 2 expansion, seeing its posted on the dawn of war community site its a sure bet.