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James must be listening to Metallica in that photo.

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I knew EA wasn't being the good guys! Ok.. 2 questions. If anyone knows the answer please answer.

1. You have to install the game and if someone else installs the game you bought, they have to pay a fee. Will the game be tied to the xbox and let any one who plays on that xbox play the game or will it be tied to the gamertag? My fiancee and I share the 360 and play games on it. I am scared this would force her to pay a fee just to play a game that we already own and have on our console. Tied to gamertag = no buy. Tied to the xbox = it will suck but I can live with it..

2. Will it be the full game being installed? or important files? The whole games would take up too much space and I feel that would be an idiotic decision.

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I made a GB logo as well a few weeks ago. Never posted it though. Some great logos here!

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Don't forget about ACTA. Look it up.

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Character in game : "I can't take much more of this" 
... He must have been playing Hunted: The Demon's Forge...

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Dead Nation and inFAMOUS for me.

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Well fixed the problem. Just got my old video drivers back. Lame.

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We are using the same program to watch the videos. That is my BluRay disc of Torchwood. She is using powerDVD which is what I am using. I've tried powerdvd, windvd and media classic *which wont play it at all* VLC doesn't even play bluray discs so that isn't an option.  
My computer plays videos just fine. Every video I have plays great. It is only the playback from this drive but the same drive plays great on my fiancee's computer

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I have SLI 285. I just bought a bluray drive for my PC but whenever the movie changes scenes, moves around it get squares/artifacts all over the place. My fiance has the same exact drive and hers works just fine but mine is horrible. We took hers and put it in my computer and it did the same thing so it isn't the drive. It's settings somewhere. I have all latest drivers for everything on my computer and I have no clue how to fix this. Here is a pic of what I'm talking about.  

 Any fixes? 
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