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Everything about that video felt pre-planned, specifically the second segment. There is no way that gamers would instinctively do some of the things so perfectly like the player in this video.

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This game looks really nice, I'm really digging the pre-rendered cut scenes, more games should do this, why did they stop!

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Just me or is the music at the end Metal Gear Solid?

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I think the reason they have chosen great games is because they know everyone has them, so not many people will benefit from this give-away, yet from the outside it makes Sony look really good.

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@Tebbit: I use Cubase 5, and while I can't stand the program it gets the job done. I want to get pro tools eventually but it's quite expensive. As for equipment, I have a UA-25 EX soundcard, a guitar and a keyboard.
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@cactuar123: Hey send me a message if you had anything specific in mind!
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@Akrid said:
" That's actually really nice. Good to hear some real instruments as opposed to the electronica everyone else seems to be making these days. "
I'll have to admit I make my fair share of electro, but I like to keep my channel varied and love playing the guitar too. Thanks guys.
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I've been making music for about a year or two now, I'm by no means brilliant at it but I'm decent at putting together a song. I'm just trying to get my music used as much as a possible to create some sort of awareness.

If anyone makes videos, podcasts, games etc and needs music then let me know, all I ask in return is acknowledgement in the form of a link to my channel or somewhere stated the music is by WilsoniteX.

Just have a listen through.. also if there are songs you would be interested in using but don't like something about it, let me know and I can remix it.    

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Just to let you guys know, Notch was inspired by a block building game that was exactly like how minecraft is now, in a way, he stole the idea and added survival elements.

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