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As an American.... I don't get it.....

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John Riccitello looks maaaad nervous

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Never heard of her

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@DarthOrange: I will definitely be picking this game up!!

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Just wanted to let people know that the first Mass Effect run well on PS3.

I love the Mass Effect series. Even the third one! I love all three of them. So when EA said they were finally brining the whole trilogy to PS3, I was excited and I purchased it without a hesitation. It is also important to say that my favorite Mass Effect is the first one. I remember borrowing a 360 from a friend to play the first Mass Effect. I also remember that game having a lot of issues.

If you have not played the first Mass Effect and you want to experience it, let me warn you; that game has not aged well. Control is awkward, cover system is not a toggle, those Krogans are still hard to kill, etc etc.

It did crash twice while it was loading, but I think frame rate is slightly better than the 360 version, but I am not sure. At the end of the day, there is really no significant differences.

I would still recommend to anyone who has a PS3 and never had a chance to play first Mass Effect. Story is still great and it sets up the universe really well. You are missing out if you have skipped the first one.

It also successfully imports your save file to the second game. I was a little scared that EA might have screwed this one up and not let me import my save file. Rest assured! I boot up the second Mass Effect just to check that and it did it perfectly.

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@jamessmarion: yo man! Welcome! It's great that you got a passion for 3D modeling. Giant bomb community can be... brutal sometimes but most of the times, these are nice people. But at the end of the day, we all get together because we love video games. Again, welcome!!

P.S. Rutgers, eh? I graduated from Syracuse University so that's... kinda close, right?? lol

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I love K-Pop.(유이 from After School)

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@Rasmoss: The difference is that they are willing to respect BioWare's authorship and take it as what it is. Yes they will criticize it and yes they did not like it(and with reasons). Unlike the internet who demanded BioWare to change the endings, which is dumb even now.

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Really don't like that guy

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Omega was not worth it. But I keep hearing(from Vinny, actually) that Leviathan is pretty good. Moreover, Leviathan is 10 dollars whereas Omega is 15 so I recommend getting Leviathan over Omega. "From Ashes" is a MUST