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Don't have a choice but PS3

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@SpaceRunaway: ?? How did you get the Limited Edition??(I'm guessing that's why LE stands for) The only version I could find was the imported one, which was like 140 dollars

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I love DJ Max and I love DJ Max Technika. When I learned that DJ Max Technika Tune was coming out for the Vita, I was so excited.

It missed its release date and even since then, I have not heard anything about it.

Am I missing something? Is it ever gonna come out in the States?

Does anyone have more information about this game's release date?

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I just put my name

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I'm guessing that's Booker?

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@Animasta: He's not saying "be less accurate." He's saying "please tone it down a bit."

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1) The RAID!!!!!

24 hours

One duffle bag

Five white dudes in Japanese used game store.

Beef bowl


and maaaaaad Japanese!!!

Shit writes itself.

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2) Bombcast X 8-4 Play

People always complain about how Bombcrews don't understand Japanese game, game cultures or anime(except for Anime expert Brad Shoemaker)

Well, send them to the real deal and let's have them go at each other with 8-4!!

America clashing with Japan!!!

Cultural exchanges!!

Master Chief VS Mario

Gears of War VS Resident Evil

Mass Effect VS Final Fantasy

Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter

It will be like 4 hours special and the content will be golden.

3) Let's be honest, it would be fun to watch

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Die Hard

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They have flOw but no Journey?? BLASPHEMY!!

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Grim Fandango!