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I think Day 1 patch is better than no patches and buggy games. Yes, it sucks and yes it is quiet annoying that these people are releasing games without finishing it. But I would rather play less buggy(notice I did not say "bug-free") games than a buggy game.

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@Excast: Yes! I do live in Northeast(Syracuse, NY). I've been watching all this week's Quick Looks on YouTube and had no problems with it. So far, only the Giant Bomb videos that I have troubles with.
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I have had some slow video loading issues before but for the past 3 days, I have not been able to watch any videos on Giant Bomb because it loads unwatchabaly slowly.  
It would play for not even one second of a video and freezes, load for about good one minute and play for barely a second.  
I tested my internet speed via but the report said my internet speed was normal, if not faster than the usual.  
I also did not have any troubles with loading YouTube HD videos.  
At first, I was hesitant to say if this was a bug or not(and I still am) but I thought it was worth mentioning because every HD video works just fine except for the videos from Giant Bomb. 
I'm using Mac OS Lion and Google Chrome.

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Why is everybody talking about having issues with Assassin's Creed before?? I have played all of them and i've never had such problems, though,  I hope the same thing does not happen to me when I play AC3

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@Daryl: Dude what?? Sticking with the squad is the ONLY way to win!!
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As much as I loved Mass Effect 3, I have a feeling when it comes to "Overrated," I would say ME3 and Resident Evil 6.

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Love the design

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@JeanLuc: what I would recommend is that try to line up the robot's eye with Gaige's eye location. Another recommendation would be.... right now, it's hard to see the actual robot right now. Without borderlands 2 context, I dont' think anybody would know that is a silhouettes of a robot. So scale it down a bit? Other than that, great! Olly Moss inspired, I'm assuming. 
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Attacking non covered taking no turn is a clutch for my sniper

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Not gonna lie. I LOVED the beta