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So I became Major last night and it says I gained access to the tactician badge but I cannot choose the tactician class. I still only have three classes and there is nothing after the engineer class. Do I need to do something? What's going on here?

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Aerith Final Fantasy VII. Saddest death in the video history, I think

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Super Mario Brothers 3. Classic.

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Sands of Time hands down becuase IT ACTUALLY MAKES FUCKING SENSE

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Of course you cannot judge a game just be looking at the trailers but have you seen Bayonetta's trailers? I mean yeah mostly it is for the sexual appeal(the infamous crotch shot and her promiscuous tone of voice and what not) but the game footage they had shown seemed pretty promising. Moreover, Devil May Cry director Hideki Kamiya is working on the title. Maybe I am overly excited because I like Devil May Cry a lot but seriously, am I the only one who is looking forward to see some kind of a demo of Bayonetta at E3?