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@TheWalkingDemon said:
What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time to tell yourself something while you were ten, what would you tell yourself. I would probably tell myself to put down the chocolate, it only gets worse.
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@Mentalnova said:

What is "____ With Friends"? Seriously.

Words With Friends. It's actually a brand "With Friends".
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@Dany: What's funny is that they do this every time and somehow manage to stay in the fight or hit the top of sales. Don't put Nintendo's quirky marketing off just because it isn't really kosher, so-to-speak. They know their games, and they know their audience, and from the looks of it, it looks like this is the first time they actually try and expand their audience, so give it a chance. You can only know if its a bad move if its extremely bad, or otherwise you wait until the console hits.
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@Trnck: I believe he can.
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@Enigma777:  Yeah, unless we're talking Sonic 4 Episode 1 it's hard to make a game look bad a couple of years after the first one's release.
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My PC Tower would do insurmountable amounts of damage.

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I think the most important part of writing a review is to be honest to yourself and the audience that is reading it. You need to be able to discern your own feelings and the facts and meld them together again to create a few paragraphs explaining whats wrong, and why you think it's wrong.
I think you pulled this off almost perfectly. Keep going, I'd like to see more reviews from you.

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@RiotBananas said:
" I mean this not to troll or flame people, I'm just wondering;  Personally, I hate it, just the entire essence of it, the drawings themselves, the culture it brings, and the obsession with Anime girls makes me kind of feel ill.  But I'm willing to listen to why you like it, so, what do you actually see in Anime? "
Well to me it's like this:
If I can sit down and enjoy it once, I'll take a gander at what the rest of the genre has to offer.
 I personally enjoy Mecha series. Mecha is big robots fighting each other, and sometimes mixed with dull human "emotions" which I never enjoy anyways. I just like action stuff. None of that... girly princess derp a derp stuff. I find it annoying.
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@PercyChuggs:  Or you could just not buy PSN Plus and just play online anyways?
Huh, funny how that works out.
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