Gamefly is really good at the moment, at least for me.

So the lovely wife gave me a gamefly sub on my birthday and it has been really awesome so far. There have been so many games that have come out over this generation that I never got to play due to time, money, really not sure if I would like that game etc, etc. But now having this account has been awesome. Dragons Dogma, Darksiders 2, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Mass Effect 3, Assassins Creed 3 and on and on.

We had our daughter right around the time Mass Effect 3 came out and it just was not feasible for me to play at the time, and then with the huge internet explosion over the game I put it off for some time. But after renting it I bought it outright for $13 off of Gamefly and it was great, one of my favorite games this year. Just wondering if anyone else is enjoying this service or a different one. It has definitely expanded my experience with games of this generation.


Deus Ex

I am going to have a really hard time making people understand how amazing this game is. Just finished my first time through the game and I am so completely flabbergasted by the whole thing. Everything from beginning to end is just amazing, I honestly have not had this great of a time with a game in quite a good while. I cannot wait to lay down some talk on the story of this game but have to work in the morning so goodnight.


The price of Games on Demand(COD4$)

The small version for those against WALLS of text: Games on Demand are way freaking expensive for what you are getting!
CALL OF DUTY $(4): MODERN WARFARE! It is forty dollars on xbox live. It is forty dollars to download a digital copy of a game put out that already has a sequel.  For only twenty dollars more you can have part two. This really feels like a complete rip-off for the first game. Sure, great experience, if you have not played the first and enjoyed the seconds story, gameplay, characters, whatever then play this. But what in the hell are you going to do online against the droves of people out there playing MW 1from day one? If you are new to the franchise the online is going to suck like crazy. Albeit if you are amazing at online shooters you probably won't have a problem, but, I would think that most people picking this game up now are doing so for the story so they can understand, uh..... yeah.... sure understand, the craziness going on in part 2.  I love me some COD:MW2  single and multi-player, I have been playing it on the pc like crazy. But I feel really disgusted when I log into Live and see all of these five star ratings for this game. YES, it is a five star game but not the price. Please if you have an xbox account please rate this game at one star, we(meaning us livers who love to download games) should never pay forty big ones for a game we are only going to get a part of the experience. There is no need, want, or even curiosity for me to take that game online anymore. Please, PLEASE, do not promote any forty dollar games on this download service, especially ones that I will not be able to get the full experience from because I was not an early adopter. Sorry for the drunken ramble, to much Jack and looking at the prices of these games.