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@the_def_star: Aww that sucks sorry and I've never tried with Amazon so not sure. I know they do some limited price matching so maybe open a custome support ticket and see. Not a lot of help I know but best of luck.

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This is awesome, this community rocks and thank you for putting something like this up. Hope everyone has a great year! Drew is pretty damn amaze balls.

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I have a cap of 250 gigs which I rarely come close to. The worst thing I see with my current provider is every few months a random usage fee of some kind or other is added to my bill ranging from $2.50 to $10 a month for seemingly no reason. If I call they take it off immediately and I don't see it again for 3 to 4 months but then it starts again. Makes me wonder how many people don't pay too much attention to their bill and they're getting a hosed for a couple dollars extra a month for nothing. Wish I was at home right now so I could say exactly what the charge was called again, I'll try and add it later once I get home. But anyways keep an eye on your bill and make sure they are not trying to throw a little extra on there.

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Some people have said Radiolab already but go listen to it as it is just awesome.

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Yeah unfortunately the only thing the multiplayer makes me think is what if they would have spent that time on the single player campaign instead. because the single player campaign could use some work with clipping through the environments and during cutscenes not have the frame rate just go crazy. Maybe better combat, better PC controls, blah blah blah

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I really want dark souls redone with some pretty graphics and an awesome frame rate. I know it's not old or anything but I could play that game forever.

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@xbob42: Quit those energy drinks they are bad for you!

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@unclebenny: Really? Why do people go to PAX or DragonCon, or SXSW, BECAUSE THEY ARE FANS!

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Not really, but if the way the case in Texas has been handled then maybe I should be.

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