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Some people have said Radiolab already but go listen to it as it is just awesome.

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Yeah unfortunately the only thing the multiplayer makes me think is what if they would have spent that time on the single player campaign instead. because the single player campaign could use some work with clipping through the environments and during cutscenes not have the frame rate just go crazy. Maybe better combat, better PC controls, blah blah blah

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I really want dark souls redone with some pretty graphics and an awesome frame rate. I know it's not old or anything but I could play that game forever.

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@xbob42: Quit those energy drinks they are bad for you!

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@unclebenny: Really? Why do people go to PAX or DragonCon, or SXSW, BECAUSE THEY ARE FANS!

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Not really, but if the way the case in Texas has been handled then maybe I should be.

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Just sent a request. If you're playing on the xbone add me, El Choroizo is my gamer tag.

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Hey guys and gals, would love to get in on some raids and queen's wrath events. Level 25 titan right now, leveling a warlock. Gamer tag is El Choroizo. Please add me and let's get some gear!

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I would love to do some queen's wrath kill orders if you are down for that. Be on around 10 for a good while. El Choroizo is my gamer tag. Level 25 titan.