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I really would like to get one with a terabyte drive but man that COD wrap just looks so dumb so I guess I will wait and see if a regular one is announced with a larger drive.

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Sweet! New Tomb Raider game, loved the first one and can't wait for this. Hopefully a bit more raiding in this one.

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@bigboss1911 said:

Google are like the Nazi Germany of the internet at this point, I remember when it was just a simple fucking search engine. They already pretty much ruined youtube, now they're killing Twitch by enforcing these audio-copywrite bots to mute videos, basically giving the finger to the people who made said websites huge in the first place. Best course of action is to just jump ship to another site.

Yeah, this is exactly like Nazi Germany. I agree.

Oh man tears in my eyes.

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@ajamafalous said:

How nice of them to give me three whole weeks to download all of my archives from the last two years. God, they can fuck right off with this shit. Google is fucking terrible, and fuck anyone who tries to say otherwise. They ruined Youtube and now they're ruining Twitch.

I don't like this anymore than you, but there would not be YouTube if Google did not buy them. It was not profitable at all when they acquired it. They had to start policing copyright because they were starting to get sued by companies (remember Viacom sued them). Too many videos go up for each one to be hand watched so there had to be some automated process to catch them. There really isn't a whole lot that can be done except for this bullshit which really sucks.

I would not be surprised at all if companies were just sitting around waiting for the right moment to pounce on Twitch. This is a preemptive move.

BULLSHIT! Youtube was the greatest thing I'd ever seen before Google bought them.

I don't believe this individual is disagreeing with you. What they are trying to say is Youtube would no longer be around if someone had not bought them and put a leash on it so to speak. With the amount of copyrighted music/movies/tv etc that was being uploaded they would have been sued into oblivion. The world is a very litigious place.

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Some really wonderful responses on this thread, nice to see people want to help their parents.

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@alecofthewest: yeah because everything that company has ever produced is just shit right? I mean c'mon guys UPlay right? Let me see what else can my troll ass pull out....just give me a few minutes while I go through their entire game catalog and come back here and edit this over and over just to prove my douchebag point....

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Not sure if this applies to anything here but pretty awesome comment from the developer.

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Jesus just get out of the relationship, if he gets drunk and starts saying shit like that already then just wait until you get serious. No six months is not serious, it's nothing, you're in college go enjoy this time instead of worrying about some dude that needs to figure out some life

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So wait you preordered the game meaning you should have it.....just fucking rent the game if you like then keep it otherwise don't post stupid shit like this for a response

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Thanks for the replies everyone! I believe I will go and grab it tonight.