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Is anyone currently having this issues for bad company 2. I dont know if it is just me. All the EA forums are about the PC version.  
Thanks everyone. 
I really want to get back into the game.
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Who do you want to see in the next game that has not be annouced. I would love to see Green Gob and Rad Spencer
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Dude he went to SPACE
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Not inculding the CD-i ones. (wand of Gamlon and Zelda's Quest) which mainstream Zelda games left a sour taste in your mouth.  
For me it was Majora's Mask. Only Zelda game I did not finish
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Pepe the prawn. He's newer but I love his voice.  
Also Waldor and Stanler. (named for hotels in NY city) 
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No it was as to the game the 2600 cart
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Hope it goes through. Can believe no one put what I did yet
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I am all for rerto gamig but I feel you have to have been alive and played the original to cry how great it was. All these 18-21 year old kids telling the world how great the NES was boggles my mind. You were in your dad's sack while I was inputing up, up, down,dowm, left, right, left right A, B select. Start
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2 damage
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Ok I would never say kill cause gamer girls are like unicorns, but here is the poll

Of the three major gamer chicks at the three big gamer shows which would you marry/buff/ or have fired.

Morgan Web

Jessica Chobot

Olivia Munn (ATOS counts a gamer show)

Those are the three and please no write-ins for Vinny in a dress    

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