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Thank you for a good read, I enjoyed it, and how a game can make a person relate to certain parts that make it that much especial. Good luck with your Cantonese, even as a person with very limited knowledge of China, I find it is very much a cultural heritage that should not be forgotten.

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This article could use some edits. Otherwise, pretty good writeup.

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Ken doesn't mention any hardship at the studio in terms of finances, and I think if Irrational wanted another go at a AAA game, the sheer pedigree of its critical successes would have warranted another project and funding. Of course, there are a lot of contractual employment that goes on as well as extensive outsourcing contacts used until the release of a game. But Mr. Levine perhaps wasn't too thrilled about the financial implications of future projects bound to revenue milestones and cut a deal with the publisher to essentially liquidate the studio. Given a lot of stories in public about how his style of game development has been wasteful and often authoritarian, if he has any regrets about the situation, if at all, he has no one but to blame himself.

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The game doesn't even look worth pirating.

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RyanD may be gone but the goodness the man represents keeps on passing the good forward. 1 million hype!

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Between Quantum Break and Titanfall XBone has some solid lineup. I really hope they do some innovative stuff with the Kinect, though

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They use Lite-On? My my. But so does Sony, right? Hopefully it won't affect too many people, but the worst thing about this is that it also has a good chance of grinding grooves into the discs themselves as well. MS cannot afford to have another RROD like hardware defect problem on their hands.

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I wish there was more variety to combat aside from executions. You know like knock them over, incapacitate them, enemies hurting each other as they swing about, shooting arrows, using a pilum for close combat instead of just one time use thing, etc. The graphics make me forget there is any controversy in resolutions or console graphics power gap to begin with. There are so many possibilities to make this into a full fledged combat system, and animation package seems to be able to support these range of movements. If Crytek makes a Roman or Dark Ages Far Cry clone I would be so excited.

Knack seems more pedestrian, the graphics gap is so large I don't understand how people can compare both with a straight face. Knack could've easily been a PS3 game and although Ryse began development for 360, it definitely looks next gen. Ryse isn't punishingly difficult either, and most importantly isn't a platformer.

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I think Xbone got a higher score because they explain it thus: It is more forward looking and has better games out of the gate. Doesn't matter in the long run whatsoever. PS4 could be deemed more forward looking due to allocating its hardware resources to better run high def content in higher resolutions that gives developers more legroom in terms of graphics fidelity. Xbone must improve upon its Kinect integration but questions remain as to its viability, especially in games. If you don't watch cable TV, Xbone's advantages quickly dwindle. But if you decide down the road to opt in, then it is there to integrate everything in a neat package. The demonstration of the seamless transition from OS, to game, to app was downright revelatory. That is the allure and potential, which I think is worth a .5, along with a breadth of games available from day one Forza 5 driving simulation being the standard, followed by Dead Rising 3, and surprising entry of Killer Instinct.

I don't know whether they are any good or trustworthy. Generally I find their site cluttered and tacky. But goodness, the layout and presentation of their features are simply extraordinary.