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That is pretty fantastic. Good job! Hope they actually use it, and change the logo to have a tongue, really.

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No arena no sale.

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Last Guardian

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Tsk tsk tsk, had too much popcorn to stand any more feedback

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The police in the US have a nasty reputation. So bad is their public image and so little is the trust that NYPD is now considering equipping the officers with Go Pro type camera to track their behaviour. This is not the only isolated incidence when cops allowed their authority go to the their heads and as a result an innocent person gets murdered. There are stories from New Mexico where a transient was basically gunned down for not directly obeying orders, and a black man being head locked by a cop to death by asphyxiation in NY. They are armed to the teeth, overflowing with so many diverse and high tech weapons that small town PDs now command SWAT APCs and high calibre machine guns in their arsenal. They are even coming up to Canada to train RCMP how to snipe by renting an entire 50,000 seat stadium for a week. Let's be honest, it is just as easily assumed that if there is a smoke, then there is fire, that if restive black communities have so and so reputation then the thin blue line could be more a blue barbed wire just as well not to serve the public, but their own organizational and fraternal interests. If the witness is correct, Brown was gunned down in cold murder, and if anyone thinks this is bad, wait until the course of so called justice metes out the burden of proof on the victim and the perp gets off scott free. The dead tells no tales, and that is an inconvenient truth well-grained in the gun-crazy America.

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atlus has plastered persona on so many games in all sorts of variations across genres that it diluted the cachet the name once held for me.

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rest in peace still, forever appreciated and remembered

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Pretty nice and stacked lineup, AGDQ last year was awesome, the high point of it being the Chrono Trigger run. The rate of donations so far is promising, good luck to these guys.

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If it is Ryckert, he is from a long line of Dutch immigrants (along with Danny being Irish and Vinny being Italian) possibly so while it is a small step, it is a step in the right direction.

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It was a good companion content to Gamespot`s coverage. The location seemed rather expansive, there was some disconnect with the intimate discussions that were happening and the distance viewers felt in overseeing the entire panel as if it was some kind of conference. So keep the discussions limited to fewer guests, but offer more of them with shorter rests in between with the same air or ambiance of relaxed milieu.