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atlus has plastered persona on so many games in all sorts of variations across genres that it diluted the cachet the name once held for me.

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rest in peace still, forever appreciated and remembered

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Pretty nice and stacked lineup, AGDQ last year was awesome, the high point of it being the Chrono Trigger run. The rate of donations so far is promising, good luck to these guys.

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If it is Ryckert, he is from a long line of Dutch immigrants (along with Danny being Irish and Vinny being Italian) possibly so while it is a small step, it is a step in the right direction.

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It was a good companion content to Gamespot`s coverage. The location seemed rather expansive, there was some disconnect with the intimate discussions that were happening and the distance viewers felt in overseeing the entire panel as if it was some kind of conference. So keep the discussions limited to fewer guests, but offer more of them with shorter rests in between with the same air or ambiance of relaxed milieu.

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Thanks for spoiling the game Patrick.

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If it is indeed Ryckert, I can say that I will be shocked, dunno whether he will be a positive addition. He is entropy personified and will rub some people the wrong way if he gets to keep the same persona he's been trotting out at Game Informer. Basically, he is an anti-Klepeck, but a unique personality (aside from being wrestling aficionado) and a full-blooded American patriot.

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Now I know where all this will lead to:

Giantbomb North (Chicago): Patrick

Giantbomb South: Rorie and Shoemaker

Giantbomb East (New York): Vinny, Alex

Giantbomb West (SF): Jeff, Drew, Danny

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Hope they at least finish with E3 coverage before making a drastic change to the operations

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Isn't this just a sci-fi re-skin of Bastion, or is it something more?