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As an American I refer to trucks as "lorries", elevators as "lifts", and cell phones as "mobiles" just to be a wiseass.

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The most intense forum flame wars I've seen over the years typically revolve around fans of specific consoles and the companies that make them. I hesitate to guess which of the current 3 (MS, Sony, or Nintendo) have the most vitriolic fans though.

And lest you yourself think you're above a little rage... here are some fun topics of discussion that are sure to stir up passionate responses

- Majora's Mask: Is it amazingly innovative or overrated shit?

- Xbox Live Gold: Is it worth $60 a year?

- Ask any huge Diablo 2 fan what they think of Diablo 3

- Is the inevitable ascendancy of digital distribution good or bad for gamers?

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@Shivoa: It's all fine and good to delineate between copyright violation being strictly copying of source code and cloning being closely reverse engineering functionality, but I have no idea if that distinction is in any legal precedents. Unfortunately I suspect it's not so explicitly clear in the legal world.

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I haven't read in detail what exactly EA is contesting and, even if I did, IANAL. I assume this over a specific copyright violation(s) rather than abstract concepts?

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I'm a bit surprised that a developer of Squenix's size is jumping on board (even if it's just with an old remake). However it doesn't change my general assessment of Ouya's chances of success.

Maybe I'll have to consume corvus in the long run though.

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@TheSouthernDandy: The Cerebral Bore was a creatively sadistic weapon.

My choices include:

- the SBC Cannon (giant cannonball gun) from the Serious Sam games,

- the Diskarmor from Rygar,

- the Wizard's twin disintegration beam from Diablo 3

- Those badass T3 gattling turrets the UEF get in Supreme Commander. Heck, just about every Experimental in SupComFA is all about MOAR Dakka!!

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I never understood how people can get that upset over a video game company. What has EA or Activision done to you?

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I don't want the Ouya to fail but I'd be shocked if the Ouya ends up being a success for a number of reasons, many of which have already been covered here, but to reiterate:

- It's billed as a very open, very hacker friendly system. This more or less means that major developers won't be especially interested in it due to concerns over piracy. Only Indies will be willing to make stuff for it, and even then it's likely that a lot of the better, more successful ones will take a wait-and-see approach.

- It's going up against a host of well established players. Significantly not just the console manufacturers, but also PCs, iOS and other Android smart devices. I'm sure plenty of people will point out that those are different markets (portable vs. home), but I contend that there's probably more overlap than people are willing to admit. People have more devices to potentially entertain and distract them now than ever before.

- Initially it's potential audience (I guess) are those people who love indie games. But such people for the most part already have an adequate platform to access those games, namely Steam, PSN, and XBLA. Why should they spend money on a new system? What advantages will this system have over Steam, PSN, and/or XBLA? No subscription fees? I'm uncertain if that's enough of a motivator to shell out $100.

- And even if they're able to convince enough Indie game lovers that they need this system, what then? How will they convince the broader audience to jump on board? With what vast marketing budget will they achieve critical mass?

I'll say again, I don't want this to fail. I think it's ideas are noble. But I'm trying to be realistic here.

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Generally I don't mind a little inconsistency between the narrative and the gameplay... provided the gamepaly and story are very good. But in certain situations it becomes a problem.

For example, I think that Spec Ops: The Line is trying something narratively that is incongruent with the gameplay experience. It's a shooting game that's trying to be Heart of Darkness, a psychological tale about a characters slow descent into madness due to the brutalities of war. The problem with using the FPS genre for this is that shooters tend to have you mowing down hordes of generic enemies, and consequently each death doesn't have much of an impact.

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The thing you have to remember about the Wii U pad is that, as a controller, it's not taking anything away from the interface that people are used to. What I mean is basically the fact that the pad has a touch screen and camera doesn't prohibit it from being used like a normal controller. The worst you can say about it is that it may be a tad unwieldy compared to a 360 or PS3 gamepad due to its size and shape, but I personally haven't tried one so I have no idea if the ergonomics will be a detriment to game play.

The thing about the various motion controls of this generation (the Wiimote, the Move, and Kinect) is that they all replace the standard controller. But the Wii U pad instead integrates it's additional functionality with a more standard gamepad.