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@thebatmobile said:
" I bring my own textile bag when I shop for groceries. It has a storm trooper on it. "
This. Sadly no storm troopers on mine though :(
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@WatanabeKazuma said:
" Back when FFVII was my first RPG experience I remember finding the hardest bosses in the game to be both Demon's Gate as well as Lost Number (the one guarding Vincents vault), the concept of grinding was lost to me and I had to slug it out the hard way. "
Demon's Gate was a tough one for me too back in the days. I remember stopping my first playthrough of the game right there.
From more recent memory, what comes to mind is Prototype and it's last few bosses. The second to last boss took ages to beat, and the last one had a timer counting down.
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@StarvingGamer said:
"You also might want to consider Lost Odyssey"
 This. Lost Odyssey is one of my absolute favourite JRPGs of all time. I highly recommend it.
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@Video_Game_King said:
" Trading in games, in general. If I could go back and play Drakan again, I fucking would. "
This. I used to have only one or two games at once, and would trade them to new ones when needed. Luckily nowadays I have a nice collection going, and I've managed to get some of those games back.
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A bit late to the party, I'm going to start Bioshock 2 this weekend.

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I don't even have a PC, but I'm still tempted by this.

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@Bigandtasty said:
" Lon Lon Milk, green potion, red potion, blue potion, fairies, Poes, Blue Fire, Grandma's Soup, etc. "
This was a great response, made me laugh out loud. Kudos to you sir!
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KotOR, Dark Forces II and Tie Fighter.

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Man, that topic title has such action movie one-liner potential, it's AMAZING.
Hell is kind of a bitch, though.