Sony should take care of backing up our save files

My PS3 suddenly got the YLOD (yellow light of death) the other day after a good 3,5 years of gaming. I've spent the last few days looking for ways to recover the save files from my old 60GB hard drive to transfer them to a PS3 Slim I'm planning on buying some time soon. It has come obvious to me that the save files are now gone with the dead PS3, even though the hard drive is still intact there's still no way of retrieving the files. Sony doesn't want to allow anyone to access the hard drive except for that specific PS3 on which the hard drive was formatted on. This is all due to fear of piracy, which Sony seems to worry about more than the user's ability to move on from a previous PS3 to a new one.
My only option right now is to get my old PS3 fixed - which according to many forum posters, won't keep it from breaking again within months - just so I can back up the files somewhere, which costs too much for me to even consider since I'll be buying a new PS3 anyway. And even if I did this, I still wouldn't be able to copy all of my save files because some developers have copyrighted save files. PS3 owners have no choice but to regularly copy their important files to another location because the PS3 can literally die at any moment - I was just idling in the lobby of Worms Armageddon, waiting for my friends to show up for about 30 minutes and then all of a sudden I hear 3 beeps and my PS3 is dead.
The solution to this issue seems very simple to me. Sony should just automatically upload backups of every save file, which would also tie them to that specific user account, meaning developers wouldn't have to worry about people abusing their save files and just forget about the copyright shit. But more importantly, people wouldn't have to worry about backing up their files all the time while also making it easier to upgrade from a fat PS3 to a Slim one.
What do you guys think?