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I agree with you that the radar really makes the games fun in MGS because you know exactly what you're doing, so if you mess up it's really your own fault, not the game's. But I would have to go with MGS4, because the stealth aspect of the gameplay was almost completely lost with the 3rd person view and lack of a proper radar. But what really bothers me about that game is the story. It's preachier than ever because they try to forcedly explain each and every loose end in the series and somehow everyone just falls in love with another character completely out of nowhere.

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The first time I played through the game, I was having similar feelings as you. But for some reason, I enjoyed the hell out of it the second time I finished the game a few years later.
Just don't pay attention to the story if you think it's hard to follow and just try to enjoy the gameplay. Don't use just regular guns on enemies, try messing around with the gravity gun or try getting the achievements if you have those.

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Nuketown is the worst TDM map imo. Enemies just keep respawning behind your back making it really difficult to get killstreaks... unless you camp inside the houses or something.

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You can add nonsense260188 to find me in your friend list.

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I've broken several (7 or 8) while playing THPS games, not because I threw the controllers but because I've spent about 10000 hours playing these games and eventually some buttons in the controller would become unresponsive and when that pisses me off I just twist the controller with my hands until it breaks.
I don't throw controllers because then I would have to get up and pick it up, which would just piss me off even more at that point.

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I'm posting this here because people need to see this so that more episodes can be made.
As far as non-comical machinimas go, this is absolutely phenomenal. It's arguably the most exciting and well-crafted machinima I've ever seen.
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LittleBigPlanet 2 has all of the community created levels of lbp1, so waiting for that is a no-brainer. Unless you've considered getting playstation+, which let's you download lbp1 for free.

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Taidan kuulua siihen joukkoon, jotka kutsuvat itseään suomalaisiksi...