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An essential game for PSP owners 0

This review is for the PSN version of the game. For me, this is the first enjoyable game I've bought for the PSP. If you own a PSP and you feel like there are no good games for it, you might want to give this one a try. It's the perfect way to kill time while travelling or even when you're just sitting at home.  Presentation GTA: CW's presentation is similar to the original GTA games prior to GTA 3, meaning you'll be playing the game from a top-down perspective. The PSP version was r...

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Exploring This Wasteland Is Worth the Money 0

I was completely ignoring this game when it came out because I wasn't generally into RPG's, and I hadn't played the previous Fallouts. It took me half a year to finally look it up, being inspired by all the praise it had received. So I got it used for about 20 € and popped it in my ps3 with no expectations whatsoever. Now, you can probably see from my rating that I was far from disappointed. It really opened my eyes for RPG's and after some hours, I was willing to call it one of my favorite game...

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The Best in the Series 0

Metal Gear Solid 3 tells the story of the legendary Big Boss, who was sent on a solo mission to save the world from nuclear war. If you're unfamiliar with the story, you might think this Big Boss looks a lot like Solid Snake. Well, that's because it is Snake, though this is the original Snake from whom Solid Snake was cloned. This time the story is set in 1964, in a russian jungle. That's right, Snake is finally back in his own element where snakes belong. Kojima seems to have finally found a go...

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Four Zeldas for the Price of None 0

If you never owned an N64 or a Nintendo, well here's your chance to experience the best games of these consoles on your Gamecube. I used to own the original Zelda for the NES but was stupid enough to trade it in for Tiny Toons... Also I've never played the second Zelda or Majora's Mask. Ocarina of Time has been my no.1 game ever since it game out over 10 years ago, but I never felt like buying Majora's Mask until just recently. It just seemed too different to OoT and also I was worried my N64 wo...

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Good, But Frustrating at Times 0

I like the idea behind this game and I love the community-created levels, but I hate how slippery the controls are. The sackboys and girls have "realistic" physics in a 2D platformer which is the biggest mistake the game developers made. If LBP had the tight and accurate controls of games like Mega Man, it would've been much more enjoyable for me. Also when there's more than 1 player on the screen and they are far away from each other, the screen zooms out and its really hard to see what you're ...

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