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Hey, I've tried this as well, and I'm pretty sure it's near impossible to get a 100% pure, lagless stream. I think your best solution is getting broadcasting software and uploading to Twitch while also storing the video on a hard drive. I use FFStream to do this and it works pretty well (as it has the ability to store the video while also streaming), but there's gong to be a delay depending on the connection to your friend. Or you could use Teamviewer, mute your friends mic in the capture, and then have him send you the mp3 for you to edit the audio in to whatever video you captured with FRAPS. But, with that solution, there's gonna be a ton of framiness for your friend. So, I'm not sure there's a solution to your problem, other than you and your friend having crazy fast internet.

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Rooms of the House by La Dispute.


Nothing else comes to mind, really. But that album will satiate my musical appetite for YEARS TO COME.

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@animasta said:

I heard it was that they were going to make you play the game with rock band drums.

Old news. Namco Bandai's also revealed what tracks they've licensed:

Get with the times.

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@sooty said:

@hunkulese said:

It's a shame since it's the second best moba.

The model it uses to make the game free alone puts it above League of Legends and I say this as a fan of both. I actually play League more.

Pretty sure he was talking about HoN.

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Well, your whole premise sort of goes against traditional customs regarding interviewing. I mean, normally, an interviewer knows who they're going to interview beforehand, giving them time to think of important questions and to research the individual. But if you're just interviewing "interesting strangers [you] come across in [your] everyday life", then you're not going to have that time. So, really, there is no better way to come up with questions with the style you've adopted.

Just take notes of what you find important or interesting. Paraphrase and summarize key points.

And always (can't stress this enough) ask if it's okay for you to record the conversation.

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White / Middle.

Let's not get too crazy, guy.

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Wait, I think everyone's missing the point here. Or I'm missing the point here. Did anyone think Wario was going to have a sex change? Were these "rumors" ever floating about? Is there a reason this series of words fell out of Mr. McHale's mouth? If not, we should all be much more offended by his audacious misuse of the human brain.

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Bioshock: Infinite for me. I was so excited at the start of that game, and the opening sequence was really phenomenal. But I think I experienced the same thing you did with Singularity and just got worn out by the third hour. Really, that game just became a downhill slope after the lighthouse bit.

Skyrim, too. Or maybe that was more of a slow burn. I made the arguably foolish decision to not use the quick travel system to get truly "immersed" in the world. Well, as it turns out, you see a lot of that world pretty quick. Still spent like 40 hours in Skyrim, but it left a really bad taste in my mouth.

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I speak the word of Nier.