Ryan Davis: How words are not enough

This world is crazy. I have never met Ryan Davis, but I feel like I have known him as a long-time, close friend. That is the magic of the internet, and mostly the magic of Giant Bomb, to bring strangers together from across the world and make these connections that wouldn't of formed otherwise. What can be said, this is not a normal situation. I mean, death is something that people have to deal with, but to mourn and have feelings for someone that you have never met, it is only something that shows how much of an impact Ryan has had on my life. Watching and being a part of Giant Bomb is a way of media and entertainment that surpasses almost any type of tv show or movie that you can watch. You get to know the people as, well, you know, people. Something that lacks in normal daytime tv or late night shows where you get a scripted hour with the host and a 5 minute interview with the guests. Giant Bomb is so much the opposite in the sense that the people who run it give people what they want, EVERYTHING. They give people the facts, opinions, and don't hold back at all, something that is missing in almost anything. They don't care if the podcast is over 3 hours since they are giving their fans what they want, and they enjoy doing it. It is the perfect relationship, the fans love Giant Bomb, and Giant Bomb loves their fans. Thanks for the unlimited amount of entertainment Ryan and to Ryan's family, friends, and all of the other fans out there, know that you are all in my thoughts as we go through this tough time. We will miss you, Ryan.

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