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While CCGs are fun, they get to be really expensive and more time consuming than other games. I currently play Yugioh and that has been very enjoyable (it is totally different from when the TV show was around it is almost comical). I think from what I know of Magic, yugioh is a cheaper than Magic, but there are still many cards which are very expensive. Yugioh also doesnt respect it's players a lot of the time by releasing new cards as a high rarity and forcing you to pay a lot of money to get that one card from one person, and then they will hit that card on the banlist anyway. But it's fun and I enjoy it so like I guess that makes it ok. Magic is more like Hearthstone in the gameplay and I think Magic respects it's players more but I have not dug too deep in that community. It is fun but it costs a lot and can be addictive and hard to get out.

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I have all three of the current consoles hooked up along with my PS3 and some older consoles like N64 and SNES. My Wii is in the basement and my 360 is in my closet but I just don't have room for everything.

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Metallica, no questions at all.

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Hey everyone,

So my friend and I decided to try to play Halo MCC today to see if it finally is working (Halo 3 didn't but Halo 1 did) but we ran into some problems with the xbox party. We were able to be in the same party together, but we could not hear each other in the party. We were able to talk to each other out of the party and in the game chat itself. Not sure what the problem is, a lot of the obvious no brainer things we checked like neither one of us muted one another and we were both in the party chat itself, not have one be in game chat while the other is in party. Really strange will try again later to see but thanks for any feedback or suggestions!

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@danryckert I think you really should watch Attack on Titan if you get the chance. It is on Netflix (I think you are a subscriber but not sure). It has been the first anime for a lot of my friends and they really did love it. Apparently some of the titans too were based off of wrestlers but I am not too into wrestling so I don't really know.

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Just watched Attack on Titan and am currently watching Sword Art Online. Really love both of those shows. Highly recommend both (though only halfway through SAO so keep that in mind).

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I would totally get this if it was on current platforms. Sadly don't have working drums anymore but still love to play gh when I get the chance. For me, Guitar Hero was always for guitar and for rock band it was all about drums.

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Thank you Patrick you truly have been a great part of Giant Bomb and I will miss you a lot

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Awwww man. I'm really going to miss him :(

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Just watched Halloween for the first time. That movie is fucking scary!